I am the Word, a Book Review: I Pray to Sweet Baby Jezus

Not grow’d up jezus…

I have been reading interesting books lately on many different topics. Some of which deal with the law of attraction and metaphysical topics. I picked this one up after I went to a channeling session presented by Paul Selig. It’s titled “I am the Word.” 

I think before I even approach this- I want to fully disclose my relationship to religion. I grew up on religion- initially raised as a Seventh Day Adventist, followed by Catholicism. At some point, I stopped praying but regarded religion (the constructs and dogma attached to the worship) with respect, though not connected to me. I ran across Paul and this book during a period where I was more open. 

This book contains some very good practical knowledge and an understanding of the world outside of the context of religion and the infrastructures built around worship. It truly emphasizes that the Universe (the order within life), religion (the way the message is spread) and god (whichever form this takes for you) goes beyond all of these constructs and definitions. The overarching message is Love PERIOD. Learning that we are worthy of Love (the Love god/the universe has for us and the Love we should have for each other and ourselves). The book emphasizes that we are capable of an infinite amount of things- including perfection if we accept the blessings that have been gifted to us. 

It’s about the journey. It’s a very interesting take on this journey:

“This is not a book that will solve your problems or take away the responsibility for your lives. That is very significant. Because when people buy books that are going to save them, they are paying someone to do the work for them, and, in fact, that is always a false truth, because the work can only be done by the self and the self’s own worth is received in consciousness.”

That’s very poignant- you have to put in the work- no matter what path you pick or what church/temple/mosque/synagogue/house of worship you choose to attend. It’s about the actions and the totality of habits that make up who you are once you exit that building (because it really is just a building).

For someone who had grown to look at religion and even “believing” as far removed from me, I Am the Word presented awe-inspiring concepts in a very palatable form that made sense to me. I am still absorbing what the book has taught me and even my session with Paul. I think both experiences have opened up my understanding and led me on a broader path to growth.

Am I going to be praying this Sunday or Saturday at a pew near you? I don’t know but I did stand outside a church this past Sunday. Would it be horrible if I went to church just to pick up a guy? :p I don’t think I am completely there yet. Am I ready to hit publish on this post? Big MAYBE. Let’s just do it! Do it! That’s a first step…
Have a great day! Thank you for reading my banter- I give you a musical break:

Before I put on my makeup

I say a little prayer for you

While combing my hair, now,

And wondering what dress to wear, now,

I say a little prayer for you 

Forever, forever, you’ll stay in my heart

And I will love you

Forever, forever we never will part

Soundtrack of your life… you’re welcome! ;p

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2 thoughts on “I am the Word, a Book Review: I Pray to Sweet Baby Jezus

  1. Absolutely… I think I meant a personal definition of perfection- perfection as aligned with our higher self and our best selves. Which is an individualized thing. Mary's best self or Jan's best self or x's best self = perfection.


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