The Starbucks Effect: Fully Caffeinated

I suffer from a serious case of chronic exhaustion no matter how many Zzz’s I manage to get. During the weekdays, I find myself, time and again, making the long lines at the local Starbucks. I told myself I would never do this but I’ve become that person. I get a Chai Latte with a shot of Expresso that sets me back $5.66 a day. You read that right… It’s a crazy amount of money for coffee. And to be quite honest- it’s one thing to pay that insane price tag but it is quite another to have to stand in a line that snakes around the entire Starbucks and takes more than 15 minutes out of your morning. That’s just ridiculous on top of stupid. 
I have been asking myself if those early morning cups of coffee are truly worth it. I purchased a snazzy mug and some instant Chai tea. I also own a Keurig coffee maker. Combined, will they make the best Venti Skim Dirty Chai? I don’t know- you see I’ve had the mug and ingredients for more than a week and haven’t tried it yet. 
Hopefully this weekend I can get my sh* together enough so that my Monday morning flows nicely and I can have time to make coffee. It’s so funny how Monday coffee is so dependent on the productivity of this weekend. No pressure or anything. I will say this- you will see me on that crazy Starbucks line come Monday morning if I manage to not get my sh* together. Waking up at 5:00 am is no joke and I am not about to work at a snail’s pace… 
One thing that can go at a snail’s pace- this weekend… 🙂 
Happy Saturday! Savor this bad boy! ::Does a little dance::
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