Vapor Rub: Pimple Zapper

Yesterday, I did my usual reaction to things- I freaked out and threw money at my problems. I bought a whole slew of products to combat those annoying bumps. I got a consultation at Sephora. They now have these machines where you input what type of skin you have and your concerns. It spits out a whole bunch of recommended products and you print out a list of your preferred ones. I then snapped up an associate to pick her brain about the list. I ended up buying four different skin products. 
I go to my mom’s house to have dinner and I showed her my haul. Her reaction: “Mary, why didn’t you tell me about this? I know the cure. It’s the latest…”
I clearly engage her, knowing full well what’s coming next- “Oh, yes? What is that?”
Mommy M: “Oh just put some Vapor Rub on it. It will dry them up.” 
This reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding- Windex anyone?
Deep breaths. Happy Wednesday!
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