About a Boy…

I have a crush on someone (so high school- I know! don’t roll your eyes at me… ) that I wouldn’t even characterize as such… It’s someone totally unexpected and someone I barely even know. I have been busy spinning my wheels. I tried my best and asked him to a drink (innocent, I swear!) but I refuse to bluntly ask him out. I am old school like that. I believe that men should at least show interest, to me showing interest is making the first move (especially within special and awkward dynamics which I will not get into). I have been hesitant to even speak about it here because there really isn’t much to say and I do not want it for the world to see.

I write now only because he is not an option and since I have no proximity to him- I can’t even entertain the thought. I will not explain except to say that this is how I get over him. I don’t like liking people- it takes too much energy especially when it’s in the “crush” stage and there’s not much that can be done about it. I am very good at walking away. This time is no exception. I decided that I will be entering the Meat Market. Tonight we commence by going out with friends to a singles event. Should I join one of those crazy dating sites? 
I have never dated and, to be honest, I don’t really want to start. It seems unnecessary to me. The only real reason that I am even going this route is to keep myself occupied. Real choices are better than pining after someone that’s not even an option. 
I will keep you posted- a story will surely come of this. My life is funny. It must be catalogued.
Have a great day!

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