Dating Adventures: So, you have my number? Call me…

As I go out into the Meat Market (or at least lie to and coax myself into buying into the dating scene)- there’s apparently so much to learn. Dating now-a-days comes with so many new variables. The craziness is palpable. Who the hell wants to go into that? How am I supposed to even start? We have technology to contend with- back in the day, there was no texting… eHarmony did not exist. Being in the “grown up” world- aside, from the workplace, there isn’t much contact with men (though to be honest- I am not looking and this past comment is probably a lie). Perhaps, I should have listened to my Human Bonding professor when she warned- ” College is a great opportunity- you will never be in the same proximity to people your own age. ” Too bad I was trying to do that whole studying and trying to graduate thing… Maybe there is fun to be had: 

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