Rewiring Negative Thoughts: Your Beauty

I think we all have insecurities and struggle with not having the “right” kind of stuff which, in turn, adds up to us feeling less than. Big ears. Big nose. Curly hair.
First and foremost- you should not voice these thoughts and insecurities. Not only will people begin to focus and reflect negativity back to you, but it also draws attention to your insecure state. You need to go back and acknowledge what part you, yourself, play in perpetuating negativity and creating an insecure presentation in the world. The root of the problem is the thoughts that create self-hate. You have to learn to have an attitude of gratitude for what you have and stop the comparisons. Be happy with the gifts you were given and learn to leverage all of them. Embrace that curly hair, that big nose, that short stature, those big ears- in someone’s eyes you are beautiful and you should start adding yourself to that list. 
Thank you for reading! Happy Thursday!

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