Difficult Decisions: Roommate No More

There must be something about this dress… Last time I wore it, I resigned from my previous job. This time around, I made another huge shift in my life- I asked for my roommate to move out by October 1st. It was a truly heart wrenching decision to make. I think this will be the best thing for me. My heart goes out to him but I know that I am only in charge of my own happiness. 

I realized that even with having a roommate I was still being reckless with my money (you like the outfit changes?- yea, exhibit A). With starting a new job and earning more money, I figured I was in a good position to truly bet on myself. I want to remove the safety net and security blanket of the roommate situation and just move into full out adult-hood (whatever that means). The buck stops here. I am all in- my money’s on me!
Taking a gamble on this Friday! 

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