Relationship manifeSto: two Wholes

I am not a woman who needs saving. I am not broken nor an incomplete whole. I usually establish this towards the beginning of a relationship but people are completely surprised when they figure out that I don’t need them. I am a fully capable human being. I can hold the door open for you or help you when you fall down. I may never need a man to sweep me off my feet and I’ve never been one to sit around waiting for “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Right Now.” I most definitely do not need you next to me but I most definitely may want you there. The nuances in the verbiage might be subtle but it is something that everyone should strive to attain. Saying that you want something denotes the fact that you are choosing agency- every second that this person is by your side- it is because this is a conscious choice on your behalf. To say that you need someone there is to say that, out of obligation, this person is next to you because you lack something. You are then operating from an impoverished or poor mindset.  

I think I said it best at 7 years old. My aunt and mom were complaining about men not pulling their weight and I butted in (a big no-no in Hispanic culture), “I want things to be half and half- everything has to be half and half.” They laughed at me and were amused by a child speaking on adult matters. 
It is only now evident to me that I was dead wrong- everyone should be going all in on a relationship. Halves are not enough. Full commitment and 100% of the self is what is required.

And this is what I WANT. Can I get an Amen!??! haha!

Happy Saturday! Thank you for reading!

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