All good paths have missions

I sat down last night to write this blog entry and was totally blown away by how the universe just aligns itself. It begs to be listened to. I was cleaning and organizing my life when I stumbled on some articles, quotes, an application and a separation letter from my old job. The letter was signed with a smiley face and the rest just begged to be written about. 

The article I found and skimmed was about the beginnings of Apartment Therapy– potentially one of my all-time favorite blogs. I discovered the blog around the same time I moved out and realized I needed more than just plain white walls and an air mattress in the middle of my living room serving as a lounging spot. Apparently living in a frat-house-esque situation isn’t up to my exacting standards. After mourning the loss of a cook, maid, and all around pain in the *ss doting mother (Hi Mommy M) I got my sh*t together and looked at Apartment Therapy for project ideas and inspiration. 
I printed out the article back in 2011 because it struck a chord but re-reading it in 2013 just made it all clear:

“Marry your passion and your skill to a mission that has a great good in mind, the world supports you.

You still have to work your butt off, but it supports you”

 For me, this past year or so has brought it all to the forefront. I ended a relationship that wasn’t working for me, I resigned from a job that did not make me happy and now I am ending a living situation that has not uplifted me. Through it all, I have had that nagging question- what am I meant to be doing? Where do I fit? What is my PASSION? 
I think the massive amounts of change that I have undergone and thrown myself into is a good beginning. This Apartment Therapy really understood me: 

“Every significant change comes about because of massive disruption”

Truer words were never spoken. When you ask questions and are open to answers- funny things start to happen. Doors open, the impossible becomes possible and solutions appear out of thin air. Work hard, play hard…
Now to the work part of things- Happy Monday! 

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