A path is Made: the parting of the Sea…

I was standing on the A train Monday evening when I looked down and noticed someone’s feet. I am not big on feet but lamented the fact that she did not have extra toes with her sandaled feet (don’t ask… you wish you lived in my head). I mean, if I have to stare at feet to avoid glares- they might as well be extraordinary. I look to the left of her to find that this sandaled foot had seven toes- what are the odds. I laughed to myself and was thankful that despite standing- I was in quite a good mood. 

I found a seat on the train. I was thinking about what the odds were that my roommate would move out on time… I gave him slim to none. But having found seven toes- I then thought to myself that perhaps I should dedicate my time to helping him locate a living arrangement and improve his odds. By this time, the train had passed 168th street and I noticed that my roommate walked in. Looked at me and kept staring without recognizing who I was. I closed my eyes. The seat next to me became empty, he sat next to me. He only noticed me after I repeated my hello twice.

Lookit me! I’m making eye contact AND smiling!
He said something about a cannoli, exchanged pleasantries and we had come to our stop. As I was going through the revolving door- he says, “oh, apartment hunting is going well- I have three living arrangements to choose from.” 
Shocked and awed are not even words I can use to describe what I felt. What are the odds? First the extra toes and then finding a roommate who is ready to move? 
He found two rooms near where we live and one near the law firm he is starting up. He asked if he could move sooner. The universe is delivering- maybe I should ask for a pony…

I want one that flies and leaves a trail of fairy dust…
Since I am asking… Ummm, oh yea- “please?”

Thank you for reading!

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