Carissima Sheath Anthropologie Dress Review: Lace is Trouble

Forever21 Top Old-(Similar) / Theory Bottom

I am having a bit of a lace moment… Which makes it even more imperative that I quit buying the stuff. I found myself looking over the Anthropologie catalogue and ran to my computer to place an order:
I wanted to hate this dress. At $258 and a roommate that is moving out- everything said DON’T buy this dress. Clearly, my shopaholic self ignored all reason and acted on sheer impulse. Thank goodness I did!
Front and Back
The fabric itself is a multimedia amalgamation (fancy- no? aka mix). I do not have the vocabulary to describe – it’s lace upon crochet mixed with brocade- like fabric. It’s a lot and yet it works seamlessly. The fabric is structured in such a way that it is able to hold yet doesn’t constrict so it also molds to accentuate the curves while flattening the tummy.

This dress is ::beyond beautiful::. Anthropologie is known for its grandma chic attire so they could have dropped the ball on this one… I was doubtful that I would like this one in person and proceeded to order online in a 0P (yes! they have petites online). I was even willing to eat the $13 dollar shipping cost if I had to return it. I love Love ::LOVE:: it! Construction, craftsmanship and all around execution yields the most lady-like, sexy hot-damned dress you could ever purchase. We can add this one to my mantra of try it on. try it on. try it on… it’s one of those doubtful pieces that surprises you. Just stunning. It lets you shine and doesn’t detract or take all the credit.

The lining is a nude slip that is sewn into the dress itself.

It reminds me of the buttoned up Mad Men/Vargas Girls fashion. It’s retro without over doing it. It’s elegant and classy… It serves sex on a platter. I am not one for previews or loading pics of incomplete looks- but I just had to:
Hellllloooooooo NURSE! 

I am very excited about this dress. It made me want to go back to blogging after my brief intermission. 

Carissima Sheath Dress- the trouble starts here. And a tip for those willing to wait and bypass shipping- if you go in store and they do not have an item, you can order it through a rep with free shipping. I wonder if this works with ordering petites in store. Will try and will report back. Happy Tuesday!

Updated photos/post of Carissima Dress

Thank you for reading!
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