Mrs. M

Someone called me Mrs… It was such a shock to my system. I recoiled in horror and was ready to immediately pounce to set him straight. I had to hold myself back. My mind just could not compute. I have never in life pictured myself as a Mrs. I only recently came around to the idea that I might may perhaps one day in the very distant future like to potentially explore being bound in a marriage thing. To be called Mrs. just sent me running for the hills. I had such a visceral reaction- it scared the ba-jezus out of me.
I composed myself. I reminded myself that this poor child was being proper over email and had no intent to be disrespectful. My reaction was about all the baggage I had attached to these three little letters. Those same three little letters held my fears, expectations and so many other meanings that I had ascribed to them over my 29 whole years of life.
Maybe Mrs. isn’t so horrible but I am so not there yet or even close to going there. I am in such flux that one moment I change my mind and start thinking that perhaps having an STD and learning “Wedding Speak” might not be so bad. I thought maybe I should purchase these as my own personal joke: 
Read about your STD’s and other wedding lingo here
Now, upon reflection, I think I have digressed back to being against the Mrs. and resisting change. Though if I could walk around handing STD’s… I might just sign up.
For today, I’ll have my Friday commitment-free thank you very much! Happy Friday!

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