Shopping Aritzia Cardigan & Dresses

Try as I might, I can’t seem to shake this little shopping habit. I decided to swing by Anthropologie to check out this art deco shirt I saw in the catalogue. Instead, I somehow managed to get off at the wrong exit and was a bit lost. On my way to Anthropologie, I stopped at Aritzia to “just look around.” One thing led to another… I had some items in my hand but the lovely sales rep kept taking them away to “my room” as she called it. A couple of hours later, I was walking around with this fuzzy waffle stitched sweater that I kept maniacally petting and wouldn’t give to the sales lady to put in “my room.” I ended up getting a few things from the pile I collected: 

I even got talked into a long dress that looks a lot like a fancy darker version of the house dresses my mom used to wear or as my mom calls them “bata” aka muumuu- all that’s missing are the annoying bright patterns. Maybe I should return this Bisous dress and ask my mom where she gets hers? To counterbalance that, I got myself a fitted dress. I am a sucker for a tight dress that shows off my back. It’s more appropriate than being low cut in the front. A classy affair. This one is way too tight. I might have to look into this “seamless underwear” business the saleslady recommended. Would it really be possible to wear something tight and not have lines underneath. I think this Babaton Kyle Dress is what I envision wearing on a (hypothetical) date. It’s hot and sexy without trying too hard. I like the unfussy. 
I can’t wait to wear my Marin Cardigan. It’s boxy and yet fitted and is one heck of a grandma sweater. A lot of money to look a little bit homeless. The ironies of life. Something to keep me warm and cuddly this fall/winter. I can’t believe we are already up to those seasons…

I was told by the lovely sales rep that my new muumuu inspiration will look lovely with some booties and an off the shoulder sweater. Now I need some freaking booties too?!!? Haha! A shopaholic’s job is never done. Contemplating all the possibilities.

Holding on to the last few days of August. 
Happy Monday!

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