My Intimacy: A Closer Look at Bras

I was sent an invitation to join the Intimacy Insiders community which is run by InSites Consulting. I am supposed to help “shape the future of Intimacy stores” by giving my opinion, participating in activities and events from now until December.
Intimacy is an undergarment store that not only does bra “fittings” (without the measuring tape) but actually alters the bra to fit you. Being petite, this store is a miracle worker. 
I got tired of the Victoria Secret bras that would stretch out and leave me insecure after about a month.  I heard about Intimacy from a couple of friends. Now, all my bras are custom fitted by Intimacy. No bounce and no jiggle. No constant adjusting. They also guarantee their bras to fit so if for any reason they stretch or do not fit properly- you can have them re-sized within the first 6 months.  
I discovered I was a size 28D (this one stays between you and I ;)- a size that is definitely not found in Vicky Secret. I have been a loyal customer since around 2009 but, to be honest, was recently thinking about straying… Now, with this new development, perhaps Intimacy is worth another look. Anyone that is willing to engage their consumer to fine tune their product and message is worth a revisit in my book. 
I will keep you posted on my projects and findings. I may need a shopping friend 🙂 Let me know if you’re in the market for bras and undies!
Thank you for reading. 
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2 thoughts on “My Intimacy: A Closer Look at Bras

  1. Pssst, I'm one of the Atlanta gals from the insiders forum. Awesome blog! This is so hilarious, because I have a blog called…

    What are the odds of people with similarly named blogs ending up in the same group? I know what you mean about VS bras. Every once in a blue moon, I'll find a 36B on their website. I go in store, and they're like, “Do you mean 36C?” Like I don't know my size. Whaaaat? “No, B.” Blank stare. “We don't carry that size in store.” No duh, really? So hopefully things will work out!


  2. haha! too funny! Hi mwritesabout! Yea, I am basically done w. Victoria Secret. Such a let down. I went back in after I heard they started doing “fittings.” Now they have their sales associates carrying measuring tapes. They measured me and were like, “well umm… you would be a 28 D but that doesn't exist…” lol On to the next one, I say…


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