The Secret App: Philly Road Trip & Bob Proctor

 I road-tripped over to Philly yesterday.

Phallic lighting…

 We went to dinner at Barbuzzo which is this amazing Italian place. Over dinner, they were telling me about The Secret app. My curiosity was piqued so I downloaded the app immediately on my phone. This morning, as I was trying to figure out how to use my phone’s free WiFi app, I saw the other app on my phone. I am writing about this now only because my pictures would literally not load until I opened this application on my phone and started listening to what it had to say. I give you what he said: 
1. “Fix the exact amount of Money [ or thing] that you desire” – After I watched The Secret, I knew that I wanted a new job, to change my living arrangement and to revamp my life. All these things are slowly coming into place. It’s so funny that with my new job, the difference in pay between my old job and my new job is the exact amount that my roommate contributed in rent. Coincidence? So, you ask and the universe delivers- it bridged the money gap in my pay to completely obliterate the need for a roommate.

2. “Determine exactly what you intend to give for the money [or thing] that you desire. […] You have to create a space for the good that you desire.” – This is critical. I was in such a rut in my previous job that I could not even begin to wrap my head around how I would go on job interviews. I was not in that positive place to begin to attract a new job in a positive environment. I had to quit, put in the work (yoga, interview prep, get my anxiety in check etc.), and trust (not freak out) that things would fall into place. I had to get rid of my old job. I had one day of rest and on the second day, the head hunter came knocking on my door. 
3. “Establish a definite date of when you intend to possess the money [or thing] you desire. […] Work expands to fill the time allotted for it. […] But we also mention that you are guessing at the time- you have to go with the feeling inside” – Write the date down. It’s so funny, I once went to a psychic and listening to Bob on this app made me remember what she said. She said that she was not good with time but that things would unfold as they should. We settle for less in our lives. How patient would you be if you knew that exactly what you wanted (the person of your dreams, job, etc) was on its way?

4. “Create a definitely plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once whether you are ready or not to put the plan into action. […] Quakers have a good saying, ‘pray and move your feet.'” – Know what you want, have a plan and get going. Don’t focus on negatives. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Don’t question or second guess yourself- JUST DO IT! (©Nike). Shut your mouth and stop your negative thoughts and GO!
5. “Repetition of the information- composite the first four.”– You have to continuously visualize and put in the work.
6. “Read your written statement aloud twice daily. […] As you read, see, feel and believe yourself already in possession of the money.” 

Most of what he said was from the book Think and Grow Rich. It can be applied to all goals. It made me think of what I have been through (it’s insane) and I thought I should share. With knowledge- you have to give it away.
Thank you for reading! 

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