vs eHarmony Dating

I ::just:: joined! Maybe I jumped too soon to the “Dating” thing- haha! Got you!
So first impressions on the Match dating site- love the ease of use. With eHarmony, the questions were like pulling teeth (what’s your passion?!!? Really, now- let me warm up first! Geez) and I felt that, at times, I wasn’t voicing my true feelings and opinions. It took me two separate days just to finish my profile (diagnosis- no motivation). With, I felt like the signing up process was so much simpler to the point that I found myself looking up bits of information up just so that I could provide it on my profile (Please note that it asked very similar questions). 
Regis, I’d like to phone-a-friend, please. 
eHarmony has thus far provided me with a total of 24 matches since this past Friday. Oh, think you can just go around and explore? THINK AGAIN! I am almost certain that you are kept to your corral of 24 people. No mixing and mingling. And there is definitely no exploring! Stick to your cage! (I jest!). Match allows me to look up people and explore. There are different ways of getting a “match.” There are mutual matches, reverse matches (they like you) and I totally forgot what the last one was but I am sure it’s the best kind. You basically rate the people that appear on your screen. The more you rate: 1. the more matches you receive (reverse and mutual). 2. The more matches the system picks out for you.
The one leg that eHarmony has to stand on is the compatibility/chemistry match. I feel like as long as you are aware that you need to downplay physical attractiveness, screen out people with your deal breakers and focus on your “must haves” then you’re in business on your own/ at Match. Also, the ability to attend “mixers” on Match also seems like a great feature.

Over at eHarmony, one thing I noticed was the rampant use of “niece/nephew”‘s as props- put your “niece/nephew” away! You don’t have to hold them or have them sitting on your lap… just say no. I haven’t explored at Match but I am sure there are offenders there as well. Men, I say to you, just putting down that you’re family oriented and potentially want children is enough- I don’t need it in picture form. immediately grabbed my attention- it reminds me it exists by sending emails to my personal account when users communicate with me (this might be a curse in disguise). Over at eHarmony, snoozefest du jour that’s gone on thus far, I have to remind myself to truly dig through the rubble. Top of my priority list is how to sift through the ones I don’t want and get rid of them (that 24 is way too robust for me… could easily be pared down to 3-5 candidates).
You know what surprised me? The fact that you have the option of omitting races… I don’t know how I feel about that. I am a bit offended. 
The crappy part about BOTH of them- What the F@CK! is up with this “automatic subscription” business? With I was able to unsubscribe after the 6 month period I signed up for. With eHarmony, I locked in a rate for 1 year and there was no way in hell I could figure out how to kill it off after the first year (call?- I might be busy DATING this upcoming year THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) Anywho take home lesson of this little fiasco: If this is going to take or eHarmony more than 6 months to find me someone to entertain myself with…. then I should FIRE BOTH and eHarmony- Just sayin’. I want results buddies. I will give it my all and try my bestest at this dating thing. You may have my money now… but this is not over. 
Over at eHarmony I go by Mary… At I am completely incognito as AbitofM… Shhhhhhh don’t blow my cover!
I will report back. 
(Also, this goes without saying on here… GOOGLE COUPONS! RetailMeNot offered me 20% off full service and offered me a 73% off discount on eHarmony. My shopping addiction doesn’t need to suffer because of my new found need to find a partner… Be Smart! Play Smart!)
Happy Thursday Minions

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