Tinder: Dating App Review

eHarmony and Match have proven to be quite the bore. So far- not all that good. The amount of riff raff on Match and the limiting landscape over at eHarmony have left me wanting more… anything more. This online dating is quite the let down. That is until I was introduced to Tinder. What satisfaction in dumping people onto the proverbial “No” pile. It’s basically a rating system à-la-Grindr. It connects you to people in proximity to yourself that have the app. You connect using your facebook profile and it allows you to scan your environment. Once you look through someone’s (very limited) Tinder profile- you can see the pics they chose, their age, how far they are from you, a small blip of info and you get to see if you have any facebook friends in common. 
It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s a rating system. It’s rather addictive. I love it. This would be ideal while hanging out with friends and scanning the scene. The superficiality of it all is quite the opposite of eHarmony and may not lead to much more than a fun story. I think I am on to something here… Is it too early in the week to start wishing for the weekend? haha!

And if you’re keeping track- I am on eHarmony, Match, and now Tinder. More to come. Apparently there’s a “white glove” dating service. Invite only? Got to sneak myself into that one!

Tinder-ing the day away! Happy Monday!

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