516 SkyDive Review

We drove about 1.5 hours out of the city and into Long Island for a skydiving excursion. My nephew wanted to skydive as a present for his 21st birthday. I decided to go along with him and my brother decided to add his name to the ring too. We chose 516 SkyDive because of their clean record and proximity to the city. In the end, my brother and I went skydiving this past Saturday and my nephew will make his jump on September 28th. 
My coping mechanism on this little adventure was to not think about skydiving. I had zero thoughts. The only preparation I did was to turn in my life insurance beneficiary form the Thursday before my jump. As such, I decided not to google any information on what to expect… Things I learned along the way: 
Modeling appropriate attire: My flying moves… Practice makes perfect
1. Do not wear heels when skydiving. Upon first calling to schedule my skydiving adventure the operator told me to wear sneakers, please no heels. I immediately retorted that it was a good thing she mentioned this. I would now be leaving my Christian Louboutins at home. 
-What you do wear: comfortable clothes and tie up sneakers. Bring a sweater or fleece as it is cold above the clouds. I opted for stretch yoga pants, a t-shirt, my North Face fleece and regular old sneakers. 
2. The plane is freaking small. No, it will not be a jumbo cargo jet with a group of 10+ people to join you on your jump from the heavens. It is a small plane that holds a max of 5 people (pilot included). At this point was when I had second thoughts… I may be small but I like space for movement. 
I got caught showing my flying moves during class
3. Housekeeping: You will sign your life away and there will be group instructions/how-to’s. The staff is wonderful and they made signing my life away just awesome. No, they are not responsible if you lose life or limb- sign on the dotted line and initial each paragraph. You will be made to watch a video with a man that resembles one of the reality TV stars from that Duck show on TLC. You will stand in a circle and be given a run through of all the maneuvers and what will be happening. Moral of the story- arch your back and don’t act a fool in the sky. Didn’t catch any of it? Don’t worry- your skydiving expert will make sure you know what’s going on- his life depends on it… so does yours. 

More of my flying moves

4. If this is your first time at the rodeo- GET THE VIDEO/PICTURE COMBO. When they are filming it will go something like this: 
Professionals:  what’s your name? 
You: State your name fool
Professionals: What are you here for?
You: Skydiving
Clearly I did not get the memo… when asked “What are you here for?” I said, “sudden death”… I know for the next one 🙂
5. If you are petrified of planes- YOU WILL LOVE THE PLANE RIDE. That’s right- this is the least of your worries. You will pray for more time on the plane. You will hope that the time on the plane NEVER ends. The plane ride will last about 10 minutes and will take you to 3,000 (something) above the earth. 
6. The moment the door flings open… That’s called the “oh, sh*t” moment. This is the scientific and industry name for this. You will feel the wind as the plane is propelling through the air and it will be crazy. At this point in time, I was waiting for my heart attack. It never came so I figured I was going to be ok. 
7. You will SPIN off the plane. This is so that you get enough space between you and the plane (a good thing). The professional skydiver does the kick off from the plane. He’s no fool to give you any sort of responsibility! This is potentially the scariest part as your mind wraps itself around this complete mind f*ck of a thought, ” YOU JUST JUMPED OUT OF PLANE!!!!!” No, heart attack? Good. Aren’t you glad you don’t have a secret underlying medical condition? Now, have fun. 

8. If you’re scared- focus on the camera. Look at the camera on his wrist and give it your best blue steel look. Work on your angles and smile. Make sure the camera gets your good side. 
9. There will not be a jolt when the parachute deploys. It was rather smooth. Nothing crazy happening. 


 10. If your professional skydiving buddy offers you the chance to steer the parachute- TAKE THE REIGNS!!! I went in fast circles :p I handled that b*!!! haha! At this point, my tandem buddy put a harness under me and it was basically like sitting on a swing. You sit back, steer and relax. 

11. You will land on your butt. You will not be landing like a rockstar. This is for safety reason. You will be instructed to put your legs up with your heels kicked up. I did not even touch the ground. It was a smooth landing. You slide on the ground until you reach a stop.
Yea, you just did ::that::. Now, walk into the sunset. 
The 516 SkyDive staff was beyond professional, welcoming and fun. From the intake process to the one on one attention all the way through, I enjoyed the entire experience. 

I’m better under pressure and when there’s lots riding on the line. I smile wider and brighter. It’s funny that I jumped out of a plane Saturday but was more anxious about Monday morning… I have to keep working on myself but I’m still pretty kick *ss.

Thank you for reading! 

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3 thoughts on “516 SkyDive Review

  1. Great post, very fair, it is my son's 20 th year gift, still deciding if 516 skydiving is the best option as the reviews are mixed , let me know if you have tried any others ? Like the new jersey one ..

    Dr. Sanjay Sinho


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