The Hot Air Balloon Fest that Wasn’t

Even when home is a total mess and is currently looking like a baby atomic bomb went off in all the common areas- you have to walk away and get out of the city. Sometimes, you just have to unplug from the world. I did just that when I headed upstate to New Paltz and Lake George. 
Being from the city, camping and frolicking in the great outdoors wasn’t something that I did as a child. Now, as a grown-up (ha! lies) I feel the Na-ture is calling my name. We planned an entire outing  of sightseeing around the Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival
Our first stop was the Minnewaska State Park Reserve where we planned on hiking and seeing waterfalls. After a few asthma attacks by memberS of the group (no mentioning names), we decided on asking for directions. In a weird turn of events, the waterfalls were actually right at the entrance of the park- who would have thought? A few asthma pumps later, we were at the beautiful scene of a baby waterfall and puddle: 
We joked around that we should just turn back as that was all there was to see… Just around the bend, another beauty awaited us: 
As true tourists, we took pictures and lucked out with a duo who were willing to take multiple shots of us with every individual’s camera. Group Selfie: 

We decided against rushing and thought drinking would be wise. That meant our next unexpected stop, we headed to a wine tasting.  Getting greeted by Snickers over at Robibero Winery was quite a surprise. Super cute pup: 
I wanted to steal him but had no time for jail so opted out of that bad decision. 
We got 5 wine samples for $8/each drunker. Right up our alley. 

In the end, we purchased the Riesling, cheese platters and the Mango dip and headed outside to sit and relax. They had a live band playing… 
After the drinking, we realized that the Hot Air Balloon Fest had been delayed and eventually cancelled. This is where we were grateful for having fun along the way. We made the best of our day :). 
The next day, we frolicked on Lake George taking photo’s on the docks. Clearly I saw an opportunity for a photo opp and might have taken it a bit too far (pics not shown- haha). 

It was amazing spending time with friends. Yea, Cornell! You did one thing right… 

This Na-ture wasn’t so bad. Maybe now, I am ready for camping in an air conditioned cabin with lots of booze, near a lake, maybe a hot tub and pool combo, with barbecuing capabilities and with great company in the best days of summer? (the basics- you know?) 2014- will you bring more Na-ture?
Muahz! Toodles!

In the end, I look great sitting on the dock of the bay… or whatever it’s called :).

In the end, we had a kick*ss time together. No one missed anything and no one went to the hospital- SUCCESS! 
I give you an argument to unplug and get your children connected: 

“We are not chasing our dreams. We crush them and put them in bottles” – Robibero Wines

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