Destination Maternity: Not Just for the Preggo Anymore

Last week I went to Philadelphia to spend time with my high school friend. She’s pregnant and due in December. I figured I’d pay her a visit before she went from being my friend to officially stepping into the mommy role full time. It was a last minute thing with me buying my bus ticket at about 1am that same morning. We planned a whole bunch of nothing with one thing for certain- the hubby would be mostly busy plugging away at school and work…
The first evening brought dinner at Sampan. This restaurant is amazing and I had been dreaming of eating their Philly Cheese Steak appetizer built on a Bao Bun with Shallot and Sriracha since the last time I was in Philly (almost a year ago!). This time around we got the Korean Fried Chicken, Beef Short Rib and Kobe Beef Fried Rice. Heaven never tasted so good. 
We planned for a spa day the next day- we googled and found Rescue Spa. They were able to accommodate us for later in the afternoon. In the meantime, we did breakfast and headed to the mall to look at pregnancy clothes and find a top or dress for my friend. 
We headed to Macy’s Maternity section which is strategically positioned all the way at the back of the store right next to the plus sized clothes. I think psychologically, this can take a toll on anyone. Walk by all the women’s clothes that you used to fit into and wave buh bye. Look at all the cute things that are out for the season but don’t stop because there’s a zero to slim chance you fit into any of it. Oh no, my friend, you belong in the back… way way back of the store. 
We finally located the preggo section and I could not believe my eyes. I was SHOCKED at the cuteness of the clothes. I started to gush. I fell in love with a sweater but my friend started to cry as she saw what was written on it, “Wish you were here.” I knew I had to get her one too. It was from the pea in the pod brand and my friend found it hilarious that I was walking into the dressing room with it. I tried it on and she was surprised it looked perfectly normal. I mentioned to her that that was the big move in Maternity Wear– items you can wear prior to, during and after pregnancy. I told her about HATCH– a modern maternity line that was fashion focused and super cute:

Number 1. can you believe that these women are pregnant? Number 2. I can so see myself snatching these clothes away from them… fancy event dress or comfy kickin’ it in style. I’ll have one of each please!
After shopping, we headed to Rescue Spa. My masseuse’s name was Venus. And baby she was doling out LOVE! I had the Harmony Essence Massage and my friend had the Pre-Natal Massage.  I have had massages all over the world, at the Waldorf, at Bliss Spa and at many other places. Venus at Rescue Spa is the best. And after your service don’t forget to shower. They have a Mr.Steam installed that when used with their crazy car wash-esque shower is divine! I was set. I could have died then. 
I headed out and while I waited for my friend’s massage to be done I wandered into Destination Maternity. Let me tell you- the land of pregnancy is a mystifying and scary thing… especially when traveling it alone. But here we have Destination Maternity, whose sales people, though peggo-less, wear the store’s garments. It’s so that “women know that the clothes work for after the pregnancy,” the saleswoman said. I learned that there are special breast feeding shirts and tops that snap on and off… And let me tell you what else I found: 
A wee wee cover for your wee wee having child. That’s right, you’re cooing and awing about your wonderful baby and you’re caught off guard. All of a sudden you catch a stream of yellow deliciousness right to the mouth! And let me tell you it ain’t lemony fresh! Stage left enter Pee Pee Teepee to save the day! Miracle worker! I ended up buying a belly cast kit and threatening to cast my friend. We spent the next morning immortalizing my visit and this wonderful moment with the belly cast. Without hesitation, she turns to me and says, “Mary, we’ll be doing this at your baby shower.” What!  ::deep breaths:: haha! I do cast a good belly: 
Pregnancy-land is dangerous! I came back to earth with my new shirt: 
Pea in the Pod eat your heart out!
Wish You Were Here! (I think in baby hormone infused preggo land- the shirt means wish the baby were here- hence the friend’s tears. It took me forever to get that one lol!)
Stolen from HATCH

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