Mass at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral

You know there’s something wrong when going to see empaths, the Dalai Lama and even jumping out of a plane are relatively easy compared to going to church. I have said this multiple times and, despite it sounding silly, will continue to say – I have a fear of bursting into flames or getting struck by lightning when walking into a church… This is why despite many books on happiness that detail how spirituality (not just established religion) are vital to obtaining peace and happiness- I have ignored these. I had also ignored my friends who have casually brought up the topic that perhaps I should go to to church…
 Well my dearest interweb friends- I have stepped inside a place of worship- Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral! I had gone to the area many times over the past 6 months with the intention of going to mass and never made it into the actual building. About two weeks ago- the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I figured I should go… I once again did not make it inside as I was a bit late. Last Sunday, I was determined to make it on time… I finally made it in only to find the homily to be about how God has a sense of humor. Oh but she does! Boy does she ever! Anywho- I will keep going until about January. I will see what happens. Must be open to absorbing and not judging the process. Sometimes in one’s search for answers one must go back to the source… Let’s see what happens. 

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