Scandal: Netflix is my Pusher

I am usually calm and can hold it together. For one- I haven’t really been able to sleep well. And  on another point- I have been mesmerized by Scandal. 
After three days and various marathon hours of time that I will never get back, I would like to say: THIS IS TOTALLY BULLSHIT! What the hell! I am so angry! And now I am not going to touch the details, but so far from the knowledge I have gleaned from 2 seasons and NINE episodes- that whole relationship between Olivia Pope and the President is total b.s. I might be a bit bitter and perhaps I have been single a bit too long… (you would think I would stop here and save myself the mental masturbation… but alas you would not know me- let us continue!). 
I am throwing some shade at Shonda Rhimes and her writing of that romance. Goddamn it’s good but for Christ’s sakes does it hurt. It hurts that reality does not reflect such a narrative and that one can’t always get what one wants. Romance isn’t always that lovely- romance with the President. Though I guess Shonda’s version is a bit messy with the whole affair with a married man portion of it…
I guess we are in this together… Now to try to unplug. And just for the record- this is why I don’t watch TV. It’s too much commitment. Emotions get messy and I don’t do emotions. Perhaps I have a problem. Maybe I should spend less time on Scandal and put more time towards finding the “love of my life.” Does that crap even exist? 
You should stop before you have to eat your words… Cleansing and moving on. 
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