Dating: Don’t Show Me Your Crazy

I’m a romantic.
I don’t want to know your shortcomings on the first or second date. I want a little mystery. 
I prefer to discover your weirdness or quirks and faults along the way (much much later and in very small doses) and love you for them because they make you unique.
Let’s keep crazy to a bare minimum – let’s keep flaws only in as much as they make you you. Carry them with pride and confidence. But please don’t let me know at the beginning. Don’t introduce yourself with your inability to maintain stability and sanity.
I don’t want a fixer upper. I am no one’s psychotherapist – I suck. I have fired myself from doing this sort of work. 
I want a freakin’ “turn-key“/ready to move into sort of partner[in crime].
I will be picky and I will discern- Because my awesome deserves someone that can shine as bright next to me (keep your picky down to FIVE non-negotiable things- above that you risk crossing into “pain in the a-” territory).
Remember, some of those frogs may be nice lovely people but my love life is not where I recycle my same mistakes or conduct charity work… I will not be kissing those frogs- I don’t need to kiss someone in order to find out or have the revelation that I like them. I like them and then I want to kiss them (see the difference there?). Heck, if I like them, I will have to stop myself from jumping them… just saying.
Universe, I am asking & I am so ready to RECEIVE. Please and thank you. 
**Please note: Be picky but keep your non-negotiables down to FIVE. Food for thought, the price of admission: 

“The one is a lie. The one does not f*cking exist. A long term relationship that is successful is a myth. My boyfriend and I have a wonderful relationship built on a solid foundation of lies and deceit.” -paraphrased from Dan Savage

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