Defining M: Mudderrella & Eventsy Adventures

Don’t come to my house to look at the mess… 
The definition of who you are is only as big or small as your ability to be brave – how far are you willing to go? How BIG are you willing to dream? 
I would never in a million years have thought I would be in a race – I was the person on the sidelines cheering on and watching people have amazing experiences. Why can’t I be the one living and doing crazy awesome things? Ask no more- I joined Mudderrella (I’m with team Lola & Friends). Not only will I have to move or do this running thing (do I sense resistance in my word choices?) I will have to go through obstacle courses that look like this: 
The Bad Date Escape

Down to the Wire

I was asked what I would be doing for my birthday… Yesterday, on a whim, I signed myself up for Hollywood Stunt Action Start School… You heard that right! I joined this event service called Eventsy and one of the activities that caught my eye was the stunt school. I hesitated, thought I was crazy and walked away. I then went into that discomfort – why can’t I be that person that jumps off buildings and engages in hand to hand combat- F this! And F-ed I am, my friends. I signed up and all 4 foot 7 inches of me will be doing this to say farewell to my 29th year of LIFE:

Nothing like getting over your fear of heights?
Baby Jesus can’t save me now! I am going to be kicking ass. It’s all about adding more -ing to your life. It’s in the doING and beING.

You are a verb that is that is ever evolving and redefined at every turn – It is critical that you:
-Show up
-Be brave 
-Be confident
-Kill it!
-Be your best self
-Be honest
I have redefined M to mean crazy adventurous, exciting, and beautifully dressed. You can have that strength, spirituality and still manage to like beautiful things and want to adorn yourself.  
We have the power. We had it all along. We are the ones responsible for ourselves. 
We define how we are in the world. 
I define M and I can do whatever the F I want with it. 
M is a verb – it is the -ING. M is full of possibilities. 
I always thought the princesses in the fairy tales were odd…Waiting for a prince charming to come along so that they can be swept off their feet. Whoever wants me is going to have to catch me:
-jumping out of a plane
-rappelling down a wall
-through the woods
-engaging in metaphorical hand to hand combat
-through museum visits
-sitting at church 
and be able to don a tux for our fancy ball. 
Ambition much? Whoever catches me is going to have to be as awesome as me. I can do it, so can you and so can they. 
I want MORE. Enjoying the here and the now. [And for whatever reason, I want to go hunting- perhaps minus the whole killing thing…]
I want to be that chick that does the yoga and kicks ass. It’s awesome when you manage to even surprise yourself. 
“Talking about spirituality and wearing stilettos… Accept the truth of who we are- you become more of who you are… I respect myself […] and I bring myself to the world with grace.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

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