Pre- Ted Talk: My Advice to the Youth on My 30th Birthday

I was asked what for my advice for turning 30(after my awesome advice for 29 year old’s). I didn’t quite have it figured it out yet – I just got my foot in the door just now.

I am working on the below as my pre- TED talk 🙂 I have a feeling this bad boy will go viral. In honor of my previous post being on the side of sad- I give you an unfinished post:

I was asked to go to career day at a school (signs you are growing old for a 100, Alex). I got it in my head that you only do the damn thing once – in hopes of reaching a wider audience (Pre- TED Talks I have named this), I will be recording my misadventures with the chil’ren. First at the career day for 12 year olds and, I subsequently invited myself to a second event, at a college essay writing workshop for rising high school seniors. Because my friend does not trust me… (I wonder why O:p ::cough:cough::) I have to pre-clear my awesome inspiring speech for ze babes:

1. #DreamBIG Forget about what everyone said was possible. “Possibilities” – as defined as norms and what society says is “possible” are just restrictions posing as advice (find another word). Sometimes there are dreams so BIG/Awe-some/incredible/inspiring that they do not even exist yet. You have to create them. You need to MAKE* your dreams come true *[as in roll up your sleeves, get dirty kind of hard work].

2. When people tell you no or that you’re crazy – Keep going. Push those limits.

3. Try different things. Think beyond PreMed/PreLaw/Finance/Hollywood/Baseball-Football-Basketball Player. I often get asked – “Oh, what did you major in while in college?” I majored in Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies with a concentration in Inequality. “Say what? What do you do with that?” Well, I basically watched porn, studied sex & inequality. (Griz Note: I will cut this part out)There are many people, if not most people, whose college major does not translate or have anything to do with their current jobs.

Let me repeat that: There are many people, if not most people, whose college major does not translate or have anything to do with their current jobs. No worries if you don’t get it right the first time.

I mean look at me, I used to get paid lots of money to basically sit there and do nothing. Now, I get even more money to work harder and put in longer hours. And, if you ask me what I want to do when I grow up – I would say- I want to find a way to get paid even more money to do what I LOVE.

Now, in your head you must be thinking – wow this old lady is greedy- why is everything about money? Mary, why is everything about money with you?

One of my greatest joys is volunteering and I want to have an even larger impact by having a job that gives me:

1. the time to volunteer
2. Pays me enough so that I can give it away.

So to that end, I was very happy to pay taxes this year. I asked my tax preparer what the tax brackets above mine are:

I made it my business and my aim to be taxed at the highest bracket- I would be very happy to pay it all. But then I’m reminded- at the highest levels you don’t pay taxes! You set up trusts and hide your money in offshore accounts 🙂 Swiss accounts here I come! (I JOKE!!!) A girl’s got to have goals!

Your parents gave you your name but you have the power to define who you are and who you wish to be. And guess what? If after years, you decide that it doesn’t serve you, you have the power to change it. You can push yourself to your limits.

So Mary, what is it you do?

I am a feminist, quiter of jobs, Jumper out of planes/buildings, a race runner, a Dalai Llama audience member, an assistant, a director of development, a jack of all trades, a blogger, a journeywomyn on this road of life marked with happiness – and in the end if none of that is good enough- hand me a paper clip and some gum because I’m going to MacGyver that shit!

My name’s Mary – I make miracles happen 😡

::Post Under Construction:: I need a tear jerker/truth teller portion… More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Pre- Ted Talk: My Advice to the Youth on My 30th Birthday

  1. yo. i think we could fine-tune this and make it inspirational. honestly comes off more girl power than anything. i envision my girls relating to this someday. parliamo un po a presto….


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