Divine Light & Love

These past few years have been beyond anything I could ever imagine. When I was young, I would always have these bizarre dreams where I could control the outcomes. I would say or wish something and it would happen. I could mold my dreams. 
I have a secret to share. Out of curiosity, a bit over 1.5 years ago, I spoke to a psychic. I was looking for guidance, answers or anything at all to hang on to (a bit sad I know…). What I got was a crazy experience that drove me to require more of myself and others (she called it an embraceable moment). 
What I got from it and what followed can only be described as MAGIC. I will not get into details but I will say that was the moment when I snapped. She said that people at work “did’t see me.” I had grown so disengaged, frustrated, exhausted and depressed that I was a shadow at work- I faded into the background. She echoed exactly what my 8th grade teacher told me upon graduation- Mary, you’re an amazing and talented person – let the world see who you are- don’t hide behind shyness. I AWOKE into action. I started caring and I started showing up.
Around that time was when I started to blog almost daily.  I took risks in my clothing and style choices.  I did my hair- something I hadn’t done in 3 years (!!!). I began to use my clothes to step into the role that I wanted to portray. To lift my mood,  I used my clothes- I dressed fancy. I learned that I could dress as well as I wanted to feel (awesome article- click link!). I was no longer reading fashion blogs – wishing to be them. I was playing dress up along side them. I got out of my rut. I ventured out and viewed my life as an adventure. She saved me. She gave me hope. There was more than a job. There was more than being lonely. There was more out there in the world waiting to be discovered. And all of this had a purpose and an order. The Universe was out there – and it was begging me to listen.
I haven’t written about this experience before because sometimes beautiful, magical things are vulnerable and shouldn’t be exposed.. Sometimes we should guard our dreams because maybe the world is not ready for them. Sometimes first you have to live it and show people that it can be done before you share that it was in the plans all along. I’m ready to be exposed. I’m ready to let this one out into the world and just put this one out on public record. Sometimes things are just too wild and too spot on to just be a coincidence. Come back Wednesday for my interview. 
Would it be too forward of me to say that I will be writing a book and I already have my inscription – 




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