Unexpected Conversations with a Psychic

After speaking with a psychic two times and knowing other people who had spoken with her, I had questions about how it was that she received the information she conveyed. I had asked her for an interview but that was cancelled. This past January 20th I caught up with her, I scheduled her for a third reading in which I was told that the spirits were not coming through so I began to ask her questions. Apparently, no one had ever stopped to ask about her gift:

Kathleen Moore (I was given permission to use her name! Follow her on Facebook) was born with the gift – she likened it to being born with an extra finger. You don’t really notice it or feel special. She was used to it. Lots of people gain psychic abilities after having near death experiences. Beginning at a young age she saw people others could not see. She would get messages from people. 

She was sent to a psychiatrist. She was suspected of having juvenile schizophrenia. This was a turning point in her life. She went to a psychiatrist who asked her regarding what these “people she saw” told her to do, how she saw them, and if she believed them to be real at one time. While with the psychiatrist, she saw their dead grandmother and she conveyed a message. The doctor immediately brought her mom in and told the mom that she’s not crazy. The doctor admitted that this was the first time he met someone that was gifted. They advised to keep it all a secret. 

She spoke to her mom about it and extrasensory perception runs in the family. In her late teens/early 20’s she started reading professionally. The last 5 to 6 years, psychic abilities have become more mainstream (i.e. Long Island Medium). People are now more spiritual. When she was a teen, people called her a fake which was only a fear based reaction to not understanding or being able to define her.

Kathleen has been doing readings for 22 + years. She is a clairvoyant- meaning she sees images, hears the other side and is able to connect with spirit guides. She reads by spirit. She meditates, speaks to spirit by focusing on the person’s first name. She can read via phone or remote writing because she connects to spirit. She can’t read over the computer because she sees too much. She picks up too much energy.

She sees silver threads that she weaves and sees photos in a scrapbook. Messages and psychic imagery are conveyed to her in a way that she can understand the information being presented. For example, when she says she sees marriage – for her it means a deeper commitment in which a couple might be living together without the paper or official marriage piece of it. When she is presented with a wedding taking place – she might see the physical invitation that has a year or sees wedding planning or if the person being read is a female she will see them in a wedding dress.
She asked at a young age not to be able to see “death” unless she could help or change it. The way she sees death is that she may see a calendar that goes blank and does not go past a certain time. When she sees that – it may be that the person needs to receive the message that they need to focus on their health or make other changes.
As a result of her gifts, she sees death differently. She sees it as a continuation of an awesome journey – not an end. She’s spiritual and believes in God/a higher power. She believes in divine light and love. 
She’s not so much for organized religion. She doesn’t believe in anything that’s used to hurt or judge people. She only believes in things that are uplifting and make you feel strong. God doesn’t make mistakes. Every energy is put on this earth for lessons [good/bad/indifferent]. Everyone has something to offer someone else. 

She believes in experiences, not victims. There is a higher power, miracles, angels, connection to earth- but above all God does not make mistakes. 

Her advice is to not let others tell you what you can and can’t do. We get stuck on the here and now and what we want. We forget that the Universe and spirit knows how things will go down and has a purpose for us. 
Follow this exercise – divide your life. Think of your life in terms of 5 year increments and think of something instrumental. The things that truly shape our lives and point you in the right direction – those moments, although we might be hesitant to admit, are divine interference. 
Every being has an intuitive connection but we block or close it off. 
We are souls having a human experience (via Gabrielle Bernstein aka my new obsession). Our souls are here to learn and go through a physical process- this includes meeting new people, volunteering, being employed/funemployed, experiencing the passage of time and aging, dating, connecting,  or whatever it is you are meant to be doing with your gifts (blogging for me). You must go through the process of being in a body (health/sickness etc). [Having a psychic reading will not provide you with a shortcut (my personal two cents).] You still have free will and, with that, the opportunity to “f*ck it up”. But through it all, we are guided and never alone. And in the end, what we thought were those “f*ck ups” are what turned out to be blessings in disguise- just wait for the whole picture to reveal itself to you or better yet- go out there and grab life by the cojones (male, female, or in between- have BIG b*lls).

And if you’re feeling up to it… I’ve got a number for you:

[The above transcript was printed with permission from an actual conversation with Kathleen on January 20, 2014. Some of it summarized and interpreted by me- you’re welcome.]

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected Conversations with a Psychic

  1. Divine light always knows when to connect. that is when we learn how the universe is in sync with all our divine energies. love your blog and you are very much an inspiration. I hope you always write so the world has something to read.


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