Synchronicity: Psychic Stories & My Own

And now this is going to get heavy – because I’m 30 now – (stolen from Gabrielle Bernstein)…
Sometimes, it just feels like I am living a miracle. Life unfolds as it should. To be able to see the purpose, the intention and the beautiful pattern that adds up to an incredible cosmic consciousness.. Sometimes, I feel that things are so perfectly in synch that happenings are almost unbelievable. I stumbled upon the concept of synchronicity:


When I spoke to Katie, my psychic, for a second time, I told her that weird things were happening – I was told that it’s not weird but an “embraceable moment.” It’s very telling that she doesn’t get messages for herself “that would drive you crazy.” Imagine knowing what’s around the corner but still having to show up with courage and stand your ground. It’s a great responsibility and a heavy burden to bare. Things that were revealed to me in my readings: 
– I would have two job opportunities in May – I interviewed for Chanel and for the Hedge Fund I am currently at. She told me that as soon as I heard the name M* – to know that I was on the right track. My bosses name is M(full name not disclosed due to confidentiality agreement) was told to me in a reading. She clearly said that the name would be associated with where I worked or where I lived. This was so instrumental that I wrote it down, underlined the name and highlighted it in my favorite neon shade of awesome:

-I literally forgot about this page from my January 2012 until I got this piece of mail:

Well, guess what, after 8+ years, I got called in to do jury duty (my very first time serving). I turned to my coworker and told her – my friend had Mayor Bloomberg at her jury duty – watch, I hope i get a celebrity, someone cool so that I could at least get a story out of it. I did jury duty with Candice Bergen (of Murphy’s Law fame) though she got dismissed early on.
Not only that. I was in the jury box about to be sworn in when the judge called for a sudden break. I was the only woman that was released from serving along with five guys. All other women were sworn in for a 4 + months of service on a jury trial. The smile on my face and the relief I felt cannot even be put into words. 

-After my first reading in August 2012, I was feeling a bit down. This was when I got this piece of mail:

It’s from A Better Chance and it’s addressed to my first boyfriend’s middle name (double L) and my second boyfriend’s last name (also double L). A better chance is knocking. At this point, these sort of things just make me laugh. The universe has a sense of humor. Can we get the odds calculated on this? 
-Back in 2012, I had given up hope but wanted to timestamp the first reading Katie had given me. I wanted to type it up so that if everything came true, I would have evidence that would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these series of crazy events did indeed come to pass. My eighth grade teacher always joked that the best and cheap way to copyright anything was to mail it to yourself. I mailed my reading and it got stamped with the following: 

Just Dance the night away – dip by a handsome man included.
Be careful what you think and say… because you never know when someone higher up is listening. Everything you think and wish can become your reality, if only you have the courage (large cojones) to pursue your dreams. 
Just a series of coincidences or something bigger?
My conclusion is that who cares if what she says comes true or not. She helped me through a dark period in my life by lifting me. She gave me hope. She let me see that light at the end of the tunnel. She made me stronger. After speaking with her, I knew I wasn’t crazy. She let me know that if you build it they will come. Your eyes falling on this blog post – is miracle enough for me. This was meant to be. These moments were meant to lead to now.

My greatest challenge and what I came to do was to be a healer – to work on healing myself and my hurt. I was meant to show others my journey so that they can learn and gain strength.
Katie has done so much for me (regardless of whether every single thing she said comes true – though she was spot on) – she has taught me to pick myself up. I found her at a low point in my life when I had little to no hope. I wanted to take the time to thank her and I hope my last few posts have accomplished that. 
Knowing what was around the corner did not make it any easier but at times proved to be a great challenge- what if you knew you couldn’t fail? Would you take the leap?
I am supposed to heal through my blog. Show people that they are not alone. I heal myself, and in doing so, help to heal others. That is my gift. That is my calling. Grateful for having a way with words.

I’ve got her number, if you need it:

So glad I got that one off my chest… Now we can proceed with our regularly scheduled program – stay tuned. This can only get AWESOME!!!

A note on presence, being a magnet for miracles and the Law of Attraction via Gabrielle Bernstein. A lesson for when you are vibing with the Cosmos:

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