You are Loved

I am scared sh*tless of the future. I know I am supposed to be happy in the here and now but I’m too worried about where it is I’m supposed to go/do/grow. I’m supposed to be in a relationship/on my way to marriage/have energy/be enlightened/have adventures/kick ass at life/ spend time with friends and family/be joyful/animated/childlike/innovative/creative/trailblazing all with a f*cking smile :). My supposed to’s are killing me.
What’s my future’s plan? To be happy. That is it. Give me Happy (truth of the matter is that only you can give yourself happiness).
My one and only job is to show up and be the light… show up. Be the light. Show up. Be the light. Show up. Be the LIGHT. SHOW UP. BE THE LIGHT.
In the beginning of this year, I went to a work shop at Maha Rose by Judy Anne. It was focused on creating a vision board for the year- setting the intentions for 2014. We did a meditation prior to beginning work. During this meditation, my doubting Thomas appeared full force. But one thing that did come to me and what I couldn’t get out of my head were three simple words ( I love three so 3 really is all I need.) – You are LOVED.
That’s it! That’s my sh*t! That’s your sh*t!
And I want to share that. So consider yourself loved. Loved in a way that even if you doubt yourself and your next steps- the universe/god/~ing/the word/jesus/spirit loves you so much that it will support you. It will shift in magical amazing ways  just to lift you UP.
I hope you’re smiling with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart.
Feeling my humanity 🙂 but liking it.

Signing off

Limitless M

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