Mary Your Soul: Define Your Power

I have lamented that I am not part of those families where things get handed down to them from generations past. No, I do not get a cameo brooch, a set of pearls, wedding dress or fabulous vintage clutch from my grandma. There are no artifacts to remember any of them by. There’s not even a family tree. My family comes from abject poverty. They came from island living, dirt roads, donkeys and latrines. All I was given was my name. I come from a line of womyn whose names have been derived from the Virgin Mary.
My mom is Altagracia which, roughly translated, means “highest grace”. It is a mode of exaltation  and a nickname for the Virgin Mary. Altagracia is the patroness of the Dominican Republic. Her name came about because she was born on the feast day of the Virgin of the Altagracia which is January 21st. 
My maternal grandmother was Guadalupe. (As I type this my auto correct mistakes her name for “gratitude.”) Guadalupe is the venerated version of Mary that exists in Mexico. 
My mom was raised by her paternal grandmother whose name was Maria De Los Angeles. Because clearly one holy name is never enough- you have to be of the Angels as well. 
My name is Mary but could have easily been Maria. Maria got botched either because of a mishap or because of a language miscommunication. My mother was screaming for all of the Virgins (I guess she thought she needed all the reinforcement she could get). My dad decided I would be called Maria. The nurses thought there were way too many Maria’s and changed it to Mary. Either that or they just simply wrote the English version and called it a day (thank you nurse!). I asked my mom what happened between saying Maria and being called Mary. All she had to say was, “Thank god in this country the names are pronounced more refined.” And so it was that I was spared from Maria.
I like to pronounce it so that it sounds like Merry- the happiness kind. The pun on my blog means to Marry your soul. I personally have commitment issues and shy away from any marriage- even the figurative/metaphorical kind… either way you pronounce it- Marry or Merry your soul… it makes sense to me.
“Mary is not a mistake.” 
These were the words I heard on the other end of my Skype call with my wonderful angel card reader, Emily Aubé (Get her awesome book here). She said that she was being told “Marry your own soul.”
She asked if I was accepting of who I was – this was my block. She advised that I should work on the union between my soul and physical body. 
If you are keeping track, my blog, in its 2.5 years, has gone from being A little bit of M, to breaking free into Limitless M to now being Mary Your Soul. But if you type MaryAracena or any of the aforementioned blog names- you will always be brought home/to right here.
So now to build upon Mary. To a merry journey in front of us in marrying our souls… A story of more than just names. A story of Adventure, Freedom and Happiness.
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