Hate Your Job? How About You CUT THE SH*T!

Things just got real. 

Well darling, I want to talk to you – yes, YOU- you who finds themselves working in a crap job and constantly ask yourself, “why me god? Why do I have to wake up another day, drag myself out of the comfort of my bed to go into a place I hate? My manager may not value me. My coworkers are mostly miserable (maybe even a touch unprofessional). I am doing thankless work. I am not getting paid enough to stay afloat. I feel utterly unfulfilled. I wish I could just quit. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll work on my resume. I can’t stand it here…”
We are going to play a little game called “Cut the Sh*t!”© 
There is no one coming to save you! (Let that one sink in… then take the jump!!! Click on friends- to your first step to freedom)

There will be no caped superhero who will sweep you off your feet and there will most definitely be no prince charming riding in on a white horse. 

This is it, babe- you’ve only got YOU!!!
YOU– This magnificent being created as a miracle by an all knowing perfect Universe. 
Yours is a great legacy comprised of a lineage of ordinary human beings taking extraordinary steps. 
They were just like us (flesh & blood) and yet they were able to transcend and take courageous action that seems to move them closer to “special” or “extraordinary“.  But they were neither of those things. Life simply had great expectations for them and they rose to the occasion. 
Don’t wait for your circumstances to change. Don’t wait for perfection that never comes. Take accountability for your own actions. Years did not just fly by and you find yourself dropped here innocently- still in the same situation:

Monday– Go to crap job. Team meeting. Baby Jesus help me.
Tuesday– Bills don’t pay themselves…
Wednesday– Is it Friday yet?
Thursday– Sell your soul for a paycheck. Rat race is going strong.
Friday through Sunday- Dread the weekend because Monday always comes too soon.

Rinse & Repeat

All of thisis your doing!!!

You woke up today and chose to go in. On a moment to moment basis – you choose to sit in that chair. You stay put. 
You put in X number of years and think there is nothing outside of your current job and situation. This is just not true. 
You are not “stuck” in a job you hate. You are actively keeping yourself where you are. Stuck is what you are choosing Monday through Friday. 
You’ll keep getting what you’ve got if you stay. 
This present moment is an opportunity to choose differently. Only you are responsible for where you are and where you are going. You have the power. You can change the direction of your journey. 
Cut the Sh*t. © 

This is where you are meant to be, at this crossroad. You will either stay- reliving the same thing or you can forgive yourself. This is a lesson to be learned. Put in the work. Forgive yourself and choose differently. Have no anxiety. You have not fallen behind. You are exactly where you are meant to be – you are working on divine timing. It’s all in your hands… This is your chance, darling, show me what you’re made of!

(Game of Cut the Sh*t© brought to you by the good ol’ Cabrini Days – thank you ladies for making life amazing, staying friends until now and, as the young folk nowadays say – keeping it ONE HUNDRED… )

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