I am in LOVE: How to Become an Ordained Minister

Can we talk about how I went to the Office of the City Clerk and felt the joy and love radiating. It was an immediate high. I want to have that everyday in my life. Pure bliss.
Being in deep communion with myself for the past couple of months – in a deep relationship- I can finally say I get it. I love me. These last couple of months have been eye opening. I feel fully supported and plugged into the universe/god. I can feel the peace and joy. I am in awe. This is what life was meant to be.
At City Hall I made the commitment to join myself and others in love. I want to be a part of that special moment.
This is what MaryYourSoul is … it’s a precursor (and should be a prerequisite) to marrying your soul mate… You have to be what you hope to attract.
Love for yourself comes first. Then all else will follow.
I am in bliss. This is heaven.
I want to be enveloped in that love. I want more of that. This is why I became an Ordained Minister- I want to spread the love. I want to pick up where the church left off and bless all marriages. Because no matter what happens, marriage is a humbling journey with someone who is going to teach you amazing life lessons. 
Becoming an Ordained Minister is very simple: 
1. You need to be ordained by a church or establishment. This is apparently considered “apostasy, and grounds for immediately excommunication” by the catholic church – not sure how you would feel about that. I personally am willing to take this “excommunication” risk and instead join the ranks of the awesomesauce people who are ahead of the curve in terms of social justice issues. That whole thing Baby Jesus directed us to love and such- I think I will follow that rule. I am so blessed to live in New York City where all love is celebrated. We are in such a special time in history.
2. There are a few online options of establishments- the one that stuck out to me is the American Marriage Ministries because it is an all inclusive ordaining body. Getting ordained is free and does not have an expiration date. You would then need a certificate/paperwork etc and they recommend a packet totaling $30. When ordering the packet, you are able to pick which state which then tailors your paperwork to your needs.
3. Once you decide on which establishment to join- you fill out a simple form that includes your name, address and other personal details. This took me about 5 minutes. I was waiting for a next step and then I realized I was already a Minister! No studying, no tests- easy! 
4. Look up state specific requirements. I live in New York City which makes its Ordained Ministers  register with the nyc clerk for a fee of $15 . You would then be able to marry people within New York City’s five boroughs. You can register online- make sure to print your form and confirmation number. 
Going to the City Clerk’s office was a shock- I was not prepared to be thrown in with the marrying people. It was way too soon for me. I wanted to turn around and run. I also had a fear that my ordination was not legit and I would be arrested on the spot (or in the very least denied). My paperwork was reviewed and it all checked out. I was given a number and waited for about 45 minutes on Halloween day. After my number was called- the teller inputted my info into the system and charged my credit card. 
I had to sign some paperwork and enter my details into the huge registration book to be kept on file. I was then given a handout explaining what my role was, a script of vows and how to fill out the marriage license. I was also sent away with a certificate proving that my awesomeness is real- I am a REVEREND now! 
Now I can start my own church- CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!???!!!
Wrapped. In. LOVE.
Now we are all ready to MaryYourSoul(Mate)!

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