Marketing Yourself- Craigslist Job Market

After almost 7 months, I have been hesitant to jump into the job market. My past job experiences have left me doubting my power to choose a great work environment. This time around, I want ownership of the process and so I really do not want to go the head hunter/recruiter route(though I will reach out to them in the coming days-cast your net FAR and WIDE my friends!). I was perusing CraigsList and decided to post an ad/my resume to see what happens. I put up the following: 

As I looked through the Craigslist resume section, I saw postings from job searchers that reeked of desperation and cheap thrills. I decided to throw my hat in the ring with my awesome post that oozes cool confidence and says- hey I know what the f*ck I am doing 😉

I guess this officially marks me being back on the job market! WHOA that’s a scary thought right there. The Funemployed life is awesome! May the journey bring tons of stories and be paved with fun experiences.

Anywho- to all of you from past jobs/finance realm who read my blog – I do not envy your position ;p but welcome to a front row seat to watch me sparkle… get comfy, I have a feeling this is going to be EPIC!!!

Love & Mischief,

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