My Friend’s in Africa…

I get calls from AFRICA now… and I laughed so hard at her I just had to share this story. So, City girl goes to live in Senegal. 
The first time I get a call- we got disconnected a few times because the WiFi in her house was iffy- “THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, MARY!!!” she yelled as she asked if she could call me the following day from the University. 
The following day, she calls and immediately begins- “Mary, this place! I don’t have Internet in my house. I have to go out wandering the streets for reception. When I say third world country I mean THIRD. WORLD. COUNTRY. It’s very tiring. If I tell you today my entire body aches and all my muscles are sore…”
She then goes on to tell me how she’s been washing all her clothes by hand. 
I envision her by the river washing clothes…
 hitting them against the rocks lol
She boils water. Pours it into a bucket. She bought special gloves too so that she does not wear down her hands. These special gloves apparently left a white residue on her hands and broke.  
I picture her a la fight club mixing soap and sh*t! lmao
In Africa, the norm is that you have a lady that washes your clothes. Her partner tried this and they ruined his clothes- she does not want to run the risk so for now, she boils water.
She then goes on to tell me how she wants to move out of the apartment because she found roaches- there was a roach defiling her unmentionables in her underwear drawer. She tells me that thank god she had washed underwear because she will not go near the drawers now…
As the good friend that I am – I proceeded to laugh hysterically as I picture her by a river washing clothes- throwing them against the rocks trying to get them clean. 
This is the perfect case of a phenomenon we will call “My diamond slippers are too tight.” She is beyond blessed. She has the ability to live in another country- one that is dramatically different from her upbringing. What a golden opportunity to go on new adventures, connect with new people/culture and learn to do things very differently. Stepping out of your comfort zone is an understatement. 
I don’t know much about living in Africa but I do know that she should laugh now because it’s going to seem silly and hysterical later- might as well have fun. Laugh at the roaches and the ridiculousness of you boiling water to do laundry… Laugh at all the circumstances. Pull up your sleeves and do as the locals do- go with the flow and immerse yourself in all that it offers. 
I must say that I admire her. She’s so brave. She moved to a country that is 1. Africa 2. Third World 3. She does not know the language well.
Here she is ridding around in public transportation, taking taxi’s (where there are no addresses- you give them the town and the nearest landmark and hope for the best), there is no postal delivery service – you rent out a post office box and you go to the central post office to pick up mail. 
Her home has no discernible address- she is currently off the grid. How beautiful. How brave. How amazing. I want to take her and give her a hug. Those are the things that make us expand- our hearts grow bigger. There is hope. We can move. We can revel in change. Someone that close to me is busy being awesome in Africa (running away from roaches- but never the less…busy being F*ing awesome!). Wow how amazing! 
And when she calls me again- I will still be laughing at her circumstances and the ridiculous fact that she’s in AFRICA- I still can’t get over that! I should go visit! Get in on the laundry and roach action! Wooohoooo! 
Love & Mischief, 

PS If you need a bit of convincing as to why you should pick up and move – here’s a great article.

Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere, sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore. – Stefan Zweig

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