11 Easy Steps to Escape New York City & Move to California

If you are reading this- Maybe you’re just like me- waiting for others to hand you solutions. Well babe, I got some bad news for you- that’s never going to solve any of your problems. Pray and then put one foot in front of the other. As you move- the answers will appear. Those answers have a pesky way of evading you when you are sitting down doing the thinking. 
The universe requires that you take guided action. Sitting down partaking in what I like to call “mental masturbation”, though amusing, will not render results- save for the anxiety, anger and fear that you will be creating. Clicking into “X Easy Steps” articles is not advisable… Stop it right now! You need to get out there and get your hands dirty trying new crazy things that sometimes scares the heck out of you.
What I can do is tell you my strategy for getting from New York City to California. This is not the holy grail or bible but that does not take away from the fact that the following works: 

Throw all your stuff into 11 luggages! Tah dah! There you go- ELEVEN EASY STEPS!  You heard that right:
Image via FareCompare
Sashay over to Virgin America who allows you to check in 10 luggages that weigh 50 pounds for $25 each. In addition, you can bring all of your valuables-think jewelry, important documents and electronics- in a carry on bag (16 lbs) for a grand total of ELEVEN bags. The key is to weigh your luggage. If you are over the limit there are extra fees. I bought a luggage scale and even went as far as to weigh the luggages at an unattended luggage check station at the airport. 
You are also allowed to bring a personal item- such as a book bag or purse or puppy (puppies fly for an additional $100 dollars- though if you blind them with the 10 checked in luggages they might forget to charge you…this happened to me but I asked to be charged for the puppy for extra karma points) 
If you happen to get their Virgin America credit card– they will give you the first checked in bag for FREE. Not only that but as a cardholder you are invited to board the plane right after first class is called. 
Oh, what is that you say… speak up a bit louder so that I may hear you, “WHO THE BLOODY HELL HAS 11 BAGS???!!!!”
Enter Costco stage right. As you may recall Costco has a 100% product satisfaction return policy… I actually called in to ask a customer service representative. They indeed allow any and all returns within the first calendar year. Anything beyond the first year they will accept due to a defect or if it does not work. Costco sells luggage sets that have 1 large bag, 1 medium bag and 1 carry-on size bag. I purchased 3 sets and one large Samsonite stand-alone bag. The beauty of this is that the sets fit beautifully into each other like little nesting dolls. 
The strategy to take with the smaller suitcases is to pack them with the heavier items so that they still hit the 50 pound limit. And if you guessed- all luggages will be going right back to Costco here in California because as a great friend once said, “I keep my GANGSTA in my back pocket!” 
Carried on the wings of angels…
Now you may think this is all nuts. I am one who likes the easy, seamless and elegant things. I especially like not carrying things or being in charge and taking the easy way out (this sounds horrible typed out…) I did some quick google searches to calculate how much it would cost to ship my things and it got scary:

I looked into uHaul’s boxes and they seemed reasonable priced at $1.70 for a large box and assumed 50 pounds just for the sake of comparing it to operation Virgin.
UPS quoted me $ 93.61
United States Postal Service charges $105
and shockingly… I did not look into FedEx but I did a quick search and they are the cheapest for their Ground Service at $51.69 which is still $26.69 more expensive than my Virgin method. 

In my apartment hunt in California, the first apartment that I looked at was of someone who was doing the opposite move as me- she was going from California to New York City. I asked her what movers she had used and she recommended FlatRate Movers. She said that she had moved 20 large boxes and a TV for $1700. 
I think what was key for me was selling things on Craigslist. What’s funny about that is that 98% of things were purchased by friends, family or friends of friends (people who I am Facebook friends and who I have not seen in 10+ years surprised me by connecting me to buyers). 
When I could not move inventory I GAVE IT AWAY!!! You have to say to yourself- does it cost me the aggravation of having to disassemble this, haul it down stairs or the elevator (if it fits) and figure out the appropriate garbage day (collection could be once per week) OR would you rather have someone come get it so that you can forget it.
Finally, one huge word of advice- DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST SECOND! I did not listen to this advice. I had angels come help me pack. In the end, I also had to have stuff put away in a storage unit.
Manhattan Mini Storage has closet sized storage available for $53/month. 
From the moment I flew out to California to apartment hunt (May 20, 2015) to the moment that I packed up and left (June 29, 2015) I funnily enough had an à la Bible 40 day turnaround on my move… coincidence? I think not!  
I am breaking my vow to save all the juicy details for my (very near) future interview with Oprah… Because I am a selfish sort of woman and want you all to follow in my footsteps! FOLLOW ME TO CALIFORNIA!!! Friends & Family wanted!!! The grass is greener! The grass is greener! The grass is greener wherever I am! 
Now I have planted the idea in your head. I will leave you with one more brain washing tactic, diversion… LOOK A CUTE PUPPY!!!: 
What are your thoughts on my moving strategy? Did you make a huge move and know awesome tips? Leave your comment below- I want to hear from you! 
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