Releasing Judgement: Tapping into Forgiveness for True Abundance & Happiness



Leanne & I recorded a video!!! It’s on forgiveness and releasing judgements. A few tools that have helped me with being more forgiving:
1. Meditation. Meditation creates this space between events that are going on and my feelings. It allows me to stop being reactive and constantly riding the waves of my emotions. Meditation allows me to stand back and look at the bigger picture. No longer are you stuck and invested in every little occurrence. You are able to assess the situation and take more measured action.
2. The “other” is you. Your “enemy” or a “stranger” is simply your greatest teacher. They are not out there. They are a reflection of what is going on with you internally. These people are simply not just out to make your life difficult. It’s not about you. They are acting out of fear and pain. If every you find yourself in such a dynamic- give the relationship what you perceive it lacks. Give them more love and care. If you are damning someone for not calling you- simply pick up the phone and call. Do not sit and fester- step into action and give the relationship what you perceive it lacks. If you blame someone for not being supportive- perhaps you should be even more supportive of them- with absolutely ZERO expectations in return.

3. A Course in Miracles teaches us that in forgiving others we free ourselves to experience miracles. I have picked up the habit of praying for those who I am working on forgiving. I offer them love and abundance so that I too can have love and abundance. I wish them well health-wise, work-wise and in all aspects of their life so that I may begin to see that I am worthy of the same. In my belief that they are worthy of success and all abundance I free myself to believe that I can have it too. If you find yourself in a triggered situation where you are confronted by a “difficult” person. When you are in the anger and upset, invite a power greater than yourself to “help you to see this differently.”
4. Another prayer tool that I find myself turning to is asking that my dreams serve as the playground for me to work out my emotional gunk. I pray that I am able to do the healing work during the night and not through pain and hard lessons:

Lord, please allow me to heal those inner wounds during my dreams. Let me process all of my anger, upsets and emotions so that I can transmute it to love and continue to be open to miracles during my waking hours. Lord, I don’t know where I need to be or what I need to do- please allow me to gain insight into my purpose and next steps during my dreams. For this I pray- and so it is. Amen.

The video goes more in depth as to how you can re-write past stories in order to reach forgiveness. Watch Below:

You can visit Leanne’s website here. She’s a licensed hypnotherapist and does excellent work around fear and stepping into your power.

Thank you for reading!

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