Surrendering: God’s Plan vs. Your Plan


Leanne & I recorded another video!!!! I have spoken about letting go of your own plan before (read it here)
All of us can agree that we don’t want the struggle. We plan on controlling, scheduling, negotiating and elbowing in order to get our own way. This results in a struggle and in this false sense that I am the only one that’s not making it work. This is clearly wrong. None of us are able to make it work by ourselves. Our way is not working.

It’s important to start off with a physical representation of what we think of surrender and what it actually is:



In my first posture in the video above, we see me shrinking and collapsing onto myself until I almost disappear. This is what most of us think of when we think of surrender. We have crumbled, we are isolated and standing alone.
I invite you to think of surrender not as that but as a blossoming and an invitation to the universe and God to enter our lives. Surrender is more of an expansive thing where we have the possibilities of the universe at our disposal. We aim to reach for the infinite in inviting a power greater than ourselves into our lives.
We extend the invitation to God by signaling to her that we are ready by following:
Realize that “I do not perceive my own best interests.” This is a principal from A Course In Miracles in which you admit that you don’t know what you don’t know. In our own limited constrained human mind we cannot see what the future holds nor can we know the multitude of options that the Universe and God has available to us.
Once we are able to see this, we can then realize that what we think we want may not be the best possible outcome. This then leads me to a technique in which I pray for the “highest good.” In this manner, we are then inviting Holy Spirit to champion on our behalf so that this or something better can come to pass. We are, from a place of humbleness, able to say I don’t know everything- fill in the blank for me.
Be open to having your mind blown- something that you could not conceptualize in your limited human brain and beliefs now can be allowed to come to pass. We are then moving from living in a small way of being to shifting for miraculous actions to take place.
Now we can truly live in the realm of possibility.
Surrender we are guided in a powerful way. We are able to live into the unknown which is when our most peaceful, loving, and fulfilled lives can come to pass.
You can watch the complete video below to gain insight into our thoughts in surrendering our plans to  let a bigger realm of possibilities into our lives:

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