Dear Human Resources, I am Calling Out of Work

Dear Human Resources,

Things have been rather hectic at work. I am the ever dutiful employee. Never complaining, always smiling and seeing the brighter side of it all. I look to my coworkers and say- “we are a team- we can meet the deadlines, no worries.” The cubicles next to me are empty- I keep waiting for the replacements that never come. My job duties have increased but my income has not. 
Over the years, technology has shrunk and collapsed the line between my personal and work life. I find myself feeling guilty while I am at work and feeling worse for wear when I finally get home. 
I am never really fully anywhere- just a ghost of what I used to be walking through life. I feel this weight on my chest as if a little baby elephant has decided to have a rest. Every Friday brings the dread of a weekend too soon far gone. I dread Mondays…

I wish all my days away waiting for vacation, holidays and even wishing I would sprain something so that I do not have to go into work. 
I am not getting any younger. No matter how much I try, I can not press pause on this thing called life. 
I just wanted to let you know that I am calling out of work Happy and Healthy. Don’t expect me in anymore. 

You can keep your wellness programs and initiatives. I no longer need them. You can also keep all my things- I suspect I also won’t be needing that health insurance or that “life” insurance policy (thanks for also covering suicide- shows you know the real state of affairs)now that I have an extra bounce in my step, a glow and little bit of hope… I just can’t seem to wipe this silly smile off my face. 

Thanks for making it easy to walk away. Thanks for making it easy to choose me.

Sincerely Yours,

[{~*Insert Your Name Here…*~}]


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