Your Freedom, Happiness & Self Love are Acts of REBELLION

“F*CK IT!” is part mantra and part reminder to just simply let it all go. Let go of the anxiety. Let go of the weight of perfection. Let go of all the things that are holding you back. Let go of the fear of stepping courageously into your power. Constantly remind yourself- “Step with confidence. You are guided. You are loved. Love made you.”

The most beautiful thing is to see someone who is not governed by their fears. Who instead of contracting because of the “should have”‘s and expectations is able to expand and touch the divine- that place within us that is limitless and inspired.

I can’t help but be entranced by the magic of this Blood Moon. How marvelous to know that the earth and the moon are so intimately intertwined. That they each play such a significant part in each other’s being. The moon is not just a hunk of star stuff/cosmic matter. Along with the super moon- Mercury Retrograde has also been happening in the cosmos.
The moon eclipse and Mercury Retrograde are great reminders that you cannot just drag along doing as you once did. You have to clean up your act. You must get your house in order- clean your side of the street. Self Love and the resulting happiness allows you to expand into freedom and reaching towards the divine. Life becomes a magical synchronistic dance with the ever changing unknown. In surrendering, we gain freedom. No longer are we hindered by all of our anxieties and neurosis.
What greater act of REBELLION than to embody all that it means to be YOU. A you so amazing and free that you are then able to share with the world and be in the world without fears and limitations. We are able to show up authentically without the filters that dull our light.
Shine. Expand. Grow. Evolve.
Your Freedom, Happiness and Self Love will change the world. I dare you to give it a try. Humanity is counting on you to get this. REBEL.

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