I move, I be, I do- all with ease.

I have been meditating on freedom and movement. Moving not just the body, but the locality of it, being moved and being able to communicate (how that in and of itself travels through the interwebs sometimes landing & sometimes just floating in the ether waiting to be discovered and unlocked).

So much is dependent on being free- this idea that you are able to be a conduit for communication and messages but that you are also able to have freedom to move the body, move others and take the message with you wherever you go.
Being unstuck. Being unbounded. Not being under the influences of all our neurosis, our fears, our limitations. Breaking free. Being in the free-ness that allows creativity to flow through us and we, in turn, flow through life.
I am here to tell you and whisper in your ear that you too are free. You are not part of your own hostage situation- being bound to a desk, home, depression, dis-ease or whatever other circumstance. These are not you. This is not who you are.
We must be free. Living in the spontaneous. Being able to create at a moment’s notice. Not being chained to this world so that then we are free to change this world and help it along to its next evolution. Not to be bought or sold.


I be. I do. I move. All with ease.
All is fun. All is for me. All is me. I am light. I am the wind. I am the ocean. I am change. I am flux. I AM FREE. I am

Special Thanks to Jelena for the photos 🙂

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