FUNemployed vs. Unemployed

A word of CAUTION: FUNemployment is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t have the balls to gamble big- don’t even do it. Stay chained to your desk and save yourself the trouble. Don’t even consider it. If you are reading this so that you can draft up a cost-benefit analysis- just run away now. Being FUNemployed is not for you. With that in mind, hopefully I didn’t lose all of you, I give you the difference between being FUNemployed vs Unemployed:

Being FUNemployed is a state of mind. It’s a continuation of basking in the fun, creativity and community of who you already are.  If you absolutely hate your job and are a constant complainer/whiner/Debbie Downer/Negative Nancy- this is not for you and I don’t want you to be sorely disappointed. If you were miserable before in a job you hated- being FUNemployed will only compound your distress. If, on the other hand, you tried to make the best of your job and maintained a positive demeanor- then you will thrive in FUNemployment.
FUN-employment as the name itself connotes is an ease of life and having FUN. Unabashedly unadulterated FUN. During my year plus off, I traveled, gained tons of new spiritual/likeminded friends, went to morning raves, workshops, events and moved to California. Your life does not go on pause- on the contrary, you gain new FREEdoms. FUNemployed may also (and this is rarer than a dodo or at least I have yet to see it) mean that you enjoy the job that you do so much so that it does not feel like “work.” In both instances, you are enjoying your current station in life. FUNemployment is usually attained through action- I, personally, quit my job and entered FUNemployment from a position of power and agency. It was not something that was done to me. I was not a victim. FUNemployment may be the result of being layed off but the difference being that you then gain power of your narrative and decide to plunge into  living your best life. It’s a complete act of rebellion to live life on your terms.

Though I did not hold a job during my 16 months + of FUNemployment, I was the busiest I have ever been. I kept myself entertained with things that interested me. The FUNemployed person is magnetic.  They attract. I diversified my group of friends, interests and just kept adding. I was a gal about town (/the world) and loved it. It was not idle time.

Another component to the FUNemployed mindset is your relationship to money- you may or may not have saved for FUNemployment but you know that you are taken care of. You do not dread paying your bills. You know that you are abundant. Deep within your core being, you know that all you do is make money. It flows to you. Harmonizing prosperity is inevitable. Though you currently may not have a job, your identity is much bigger than work and a paycheck.
Unemployment is a whole other beast. During a state of Unemployment- you were fired, quit or were laid off and are unhappy with your current status of not having a job. Unemployed individuals are usually at odds or uneasy about money. They come from a lack mentality. Even their identification UN-employed means that they identify vis-à-vis their lack of a job and being able to provide for themselves. A tell tale sign of unemployment is a sense of panic and fear in the individual. There is also a dire urgency to re-enter the work force.
Theirs is a defeatist mentality. They see themselves as the victim and they play the victim. They will speak about their woe to anyone within earshot. They will complain about the past, bemoan their current state, and fear their future outlook in life.  They preach the gospel of Debbie downiest. Their spirit animal is Eeyore. They repel people.
The Unemployed set is usually bored. My stance is that only boring people are bored. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to provide you with entertainment. We live in a world of possibilities. Read a book, go out, do something or simply be. If a grown adult has not figured out how to occupy their time… they need a baby sitter and a job to keep them company. They rush into their next employment situation because they use work as a crutch to occupy time. They even force a job that may not be a good fit because they fear time alone with themselves. They have not learned the lessons of the past and are destined to be hit with the same scenarios and hardships in whatever future job they have.
Those who are Unemployed are held back by their limiting beliefs and thoughts. While the FUNemployed individual sees their current circumstance and the world as an adventure and their playground not something to be feared. One of the biggest lessons has been that I take care of my own fun/happiness and my relationships with others is merely the cherry on top of the awesome dairy free sunday. Another major lesson is that you take happiness and fun with you wherever you go. Being happy and ok during this transition period will only guarantee happiness and success in whatever situation you may encounter next.
The above are huge shifts that you can incorporate into your own life. Shift your way of thinking, realize the magnitude of your own power and you can conquer the world. FUNemployed is the way to be.



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