Advice in Preparing to Quit Your Job & Be FUNemployed

Being FUNemployed is such a sacred space that has allowed me to truly bear witness to the person that I AM. It was such an evolutionary and revolutionary period in my life. I truly gleaned the divine within my Self. This sacred space accelerated my spiritual growth. I wish this blessing upon everyone. Even if it is just a moment to pause from the insanity that work has become. If you are contemplating making this cataclysmic shift in your life, here are some tips when preparing to transition into being FUNemployed:

1. Love Your Current Job. This may come as a shock! Learn to have an appreciation of what it provides. Be thankful. Once you have forgiveness for yourself (for allowing/getting you into this situation) and the job itself (the environment/lack of appreciation etc). Once Love and forgiveness are in place, you will be able to welcome a new venture into your life without having your old job as baggage.
2. Love your coworkers. Begin to identify with them. Know that they are acting from pain. What does a person have to go through to be mean/hurtful/unforgiving as they are? It takes quite a lot for someone to become the person that you can’t seem to get along with. They are replaying and reliving the same stories. Their hurt and pain is spilling out from their being. They are worthy of your compassion. By the flip of the coin- they are also your greatest teachers and supplying you with your greatest lessons- (mentally) thank them for being as they are. This forgiveness work is essential to closing this chapter in your life.
3. Bring the light into all work situations. Remain positive and don’t get sucked in. This is not your circus and not your monkeys. See your current situation as your ministry. How can you be of service? If anything is lacking in any situation, be it understanding, clarity, compassion- I call on you to be the one to provide it.
4. Create a life outside of work that is a passionate, colorful, and an interesting vibrant example of the life you want to lead. Pick up hobbies and try many different things until you come upon some main interests. You may even create a bucket list to conquer your fears (fear of heights? SKYDIVE!)
5. Build community around yourself. Reinforce your support network. Make business and spiritual contacts. Make tons of uplifting and positive friends. Go to conferences and make connections. Find your tribe. Fine tune who you allow within your inner circle- this may be a great time to cut loose friendships that no longer serve you or are unbalanced. No matter how weird or misunderstood you may think you are- like minded individuals exists.
6. It is important to DIVERSIFY. Try different hobbies and fill your time with different events. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket- don’t rely on a boyfriend or best friend or one group to occupy your time. No one is your show dog- entertain yourself! This is a time to play and try.
7. Cultivate a Spiritual Practice. Learn to feel and transmute your emotions. Nothing is truly negative just as there is no real good or bad- just perception. This is the perfect time for you to look into meditation (I learned Vedic Meditation), yoga and any other self- love practices to keep you grounded and keep your mental/emotional health in check. FUNemployment is a challenging period and you must build up your spiritual immunity to inoculate and carry you through with a smile.

8. Get to know a “god of your own understanding.” This is the perfect time to find God or acknowledge a higher power. When you are “by yourself” you will realize that you are actually with your self and God/the Universe/Angels etc walks right beside you.

9. Cut back! Tighten those purse strings. This is a great time to gain clarity as to what it is that you truly value. Save money now in case you need to high tail it out of there! Quit unhealthy habits to save money. I personally wish I would have quit a bad starbucks habit. I made the conscious decision to cut alcohol out of my life once I stopped working. I would rather travel and do other things as well as spare my health rather than have a drink. It’s time to rethink all habits.
10. Build a plan. Have an overall idea of what you would like to do with your time and what aspects of life you would like to focus on cultivating. Build a mock-routine that you will follow once liberated of your job. Make sure to keep your sleep/wake times regular. Plan to cook and make healthy meals.
11. Expect that nothing will go according to plan. You plan. God laughs. Learn to let it all go. Know that there may be bigger things in store for you once you make that leap of faith. Nothing is for certain. Be ok with that uncertainty. Uncertainty is a sign of growth and evolution. Lean into the uncertainty. Change is part of the truth and the power of who you are. You will be tested and tried but above all you will grow in directions and strength that you did not think yourself capable of.

12. Do the administrative house keeping. Go to the dentist/doctor/look into your retirement funds/draft your letter of resignation and resume/get all your proverbial ducks in a row to support you during this period.

13. Leave room to be surprised by some mind blowing experiences. One of the best things about my FUNemployment has been being able to travel, join workshops and getaways. I did not plan these particular things and they came as a surprise to me but that has made them even more special to me. I was able to travel to Bali, Virginia, DC, California and eventually moving to California. All of this occurred while FUNemployed/not drawing a paycheck. Life is good. If you wait, it may be gone.

14. Love Yourself. You will be spending a lot of time alone. This is not time by yourself- this is time in which you are with your Self (nuanced difference). Cultivate love, compassion, forgiveness and a higher (humbled) opinion of yourself. I end with the one with which your journey could not even begin. Once you realize your worth you will realize that you are worthy of a life you LOVE that you are excited about and is filled with joy, happiness and FUN.

May you find solace in knowing that there are those that came before you on this journey. It can be done. You are worthy of going on this magnificent adventure and enjoying life to the fullest. Best of luck as you plot out your FREEdom!


“I am going to go on this route and if it’s not the right one- let me find the right one on the wrong road because i don’t want to miss it. I will not miss it. Just don’t let me miss it. Thy will be done. If it’s not the right route- do not open any doors. Only open the right one. If a door does not open- your response is “thank you”. Don’t open the wrong door for me because I don’t know how to spot the wrong one. Divine modo: Rejection is protection.” -Caroline Myss, I Can Do It! NYC Conference 2014

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