How to FUND 16 + Months of Being FUNemployed Without Working

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! After many questions regarding my financials, I am finally peeling back the curtain and exposing the books! I get a lot of questions about financials but no one willing to foot the bills – funny how that works… This is such a vulnerable spot for me and hopefully this inspires many of you out there to take a leap or rethink your current situation. As I said before, take what works for you and leave what does not. Use the information below to synthesize a hybrid plan for yourself.

I love when self help teachers give nice easy numbered steps. Because life is that simple, so I will too!!! How do you FUND being FUNemployed:
1. YOU don’t! Though you may think it is- This is not about you! Take your head/ego/thoughts/FEARS and check them at the door. One of the biggest lessons and the hardest learned is that it is not up to ME. I rely on the most high, most holy, the one who does not end and never began- she who is LIMITLESS and knows no bounds – she who is abundance, she who is love and acts on love – God.
If you think, “Oh, I don’t have the funds. I don’t have money. I can’t do it. Mary, this is not an an answer.”
Then friend, this is not for you. FUNemployment is not for the weak of heart. I say it again, this is not for you. Pack it up. Give up your hopes and dreams. Sacrifice those at the altar of your 9 to 5.
These past 16 months have ROCKED me to the core. But let me tell you, I have had not one instant of worry or doubt because I BELIEVE.
I did not have a large amount of savings stashed away. God required that I be creative, that I grow and stretch in ways I had never done before. God required that all my weaknesses be brought up- all my doubts, fears, pains, insecurities – be sacrificed so that I would only be left with the truth of who I am which is strong, capable and free. That Job is not me. That Money is not me. That Relationship is not me. That Apartment is not me. That status as a New Yorker is not me. My identity and how I choose to characterize myself is not me. None of it is me- all of it falls away. What better way for God to teach us unconditional love than to have her teach us to love ourselves despite and because of having and losing it all. None of it matters- all of it are just circumstances that we go in and out of.
2. Unemployment or Government Funds have NOT been used! I have been asked if I am on unemployment or if I’ve received “state funds.” The answer is NO! Being FUNemployed and being unemployed/on unemployment benefits are two completely different animals.
FUNemployment is a choice I made. I quit – I would not qualify for unemployment benefits. Also unemployment benefits are contingent upon your attesting to the fact that you are searching for work. I was not nor was I interested in working. To lie would not have sat well with me.
3. Lottery Winnings!!!! I have been accused of hiding lottery winnings – Truth be told – I WON!!! I won TWICE!!! Cash Prize total: $14. Joking aside, I have won the lotto- life is pretty grand, abundant and charmed.
4. You’re Not in charge of it or how it unfolds. It’s more about your relationship to money. I had a horrible relationship to money when I had a job. I was in debt, miserable and drinking for a long time. There was an anxiety in the relationship I had with cash money. I was always rushing to get it, never really could hold on to it and always wanting more. Now, I believe in abundance and in God continuously showing up for me and me showing up and believing in God. I have peace. I have been living on a hope and a prayer for 16 + months. Every 1st of the month, when it’s time to pay rent and bills- money just miraculously shows up. I know this because it’s happened while paying for a two bedroom two bathroom apartment in Manhattan and it’s happening once again paying for a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles – money shows up.
People want me to explain the money part of FUNemployment but I almost can’t because how do you explain a miracle?
All I do know is that money seems to be moving slowly at a snail’s pace out of my bank account and has lasted not just 16 months but 16 fulfilling months of:
  • workshops, classes, retreats, meetings
  • Gabby Bernsteins’ Spirit Junkie Master Class
  •  Trips to Virginia Beach/ Washington, DC
  •  Gatherings, eating out
  •  BALI
  •  Goddess Retreat in Bali
  •  Trip to LA
  •  Moving to LA
  •  Community Creation


I can try to do the math but math does not apply here – or at least it doesn’t apply to me. I’m totally ok with God being Head of Operations and CFO at
5. I have no sugar daddy and no well off family member paying my bills. I have 100% paid for everything and paid every bill* during my FUNemployment. *There was that one time I started a GoFundMe page. Total collection: $250. Aside of that, no outside funding.
6. I had some savings which was spent rather quickly. I liquidated my 401K retirement fund which was not much money after penalties and paying off taxes.  My view on retirement funds- if you don’t make it to retirement age due to stress and subsequent death- you can’t retire.
7. I do have credit cards and I have been using them. The irony being that my “Freedom Chase Card”- owing money to someone- not much freedom there!
8. To fund my move to California, I tried selling my furniture and belongings. I received a small/minimal fraction of what I initially paid. I had to give most of my stuff away. It’s just eye opening to realize that all the things you buy have no real value. And it makes the fact that we, as Americans, work so hard for a paycheck to buy all of this only for it to be worthless.
9. Money continuously shows up:

-In moving, I got my deposit back

-Con Edison (Light Company) sent me a check

-Time Warner Cable refunded me money/sent me a check

-Costco wrote me a check

-I got paid by Omega Retreat Center

-Best Buy issued me a gift card

-I received a notice in the mail saying I was part of a judgement against Intimissi in a credit card information leak and that I should expect a gift card in the mail.

-I’ve received refunds on my credit card, credit towards my account etc.

-Google sent me a notice asking that I log in so that I can get paid

Any time I get sad or dispirited, a friend calls and I get a check in the mail. This is my truth. This is what I know. I will save the exact details- with charts, graphs and power points for Oprah.
It’s my hope that this rough outline helps someone out there.
It is really not about “having money” to be FUNemployed. It’s sort of like “having time”- both are illusions. They are not real. We made them up. It’s time we stop crucifying ourselves and suffering for money and the world of pretend. The absurdity of money and what keeps me laughing is that, I’m still a billionaire in Bali. With a little attitude/mental adjustment and I’ll be out of this in a second. 
FUNemployment is not for everyone and to be honest, I gain being different and unique if you remain where you are. I will say that FUNemployment is possible. I did it. It was amazing and badass. 
I did it without planning to and I’m alive and living the dream. Step out on faith. Step Out On Faith. STEP OUT ON FAITH. STEP OUT ON FAITH!!! Take the first courageous step and the Universe will meet you where you are. 

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