Pounce on Life!
The funny thing about trusting is that it is never about the other person or any outside circumstance. It came to me that it’s about trusting the process of unfolding of the universe.
It’s about trusting in yourself in order that you may trust others or the circumstances you are presented with. Do I trust myself enough to trust my judgement in opening myself up and being vulnerable with others? It’s the realization that I am strong. That even if I were to make a “bad” decision- that I can quickly catch it and change course immediately. I will not forsake myself. I have my own back.
At this weekend’s Marianne Williamson’s Aphrodite Training she said the most curious thing about trust. She said that it was about trusting God in you. Trusting that I have learned enough and have gained the wisdom to know better.
The missing link, I have realized, is that I do not trust MYSELF. Here I am thinking that I am doing everything alone- I am not. First and foremost- the Universe has my back. Second of all- I know that I am strong. I have given up everything. I have surrendered it all. Surrender to the power of this present moment.
God is bigger. I don’t even want to make that a “than” comparative statement because God just blows it out of the water.
When I trust my higher Self and the process of unfolding of the Universe is when the magic happens. In this place of surrender is an infinite amount of possibilities. I don’t need to doubt or question because I reside in that space where knowing and peace reign.
And you know what, even if you don’t get it exactly right and you get your heart broken. You just pick yourself up. Remain open and not jaded ready to trust again.
Trust that no matter your current situation- it is not here to stay. You can change. You are change. That is the truth of who you are. You’ve brought yourself this far. God has carried you here. The Universe is holding your hand. You will not fall. You’re going to be all right. How blessed.
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