To The Weirdos: An Ode To All The Weird People

I have always thought that I was weird that I was somehow different. That I did not belong, that for whatever reason, I was unique and the only one like me. For that reason, I kept to myself and tried my best to fit in, be vanilla and keep my mouth closed.

That’s when it dawned on me that there are just two types of people-

The “weird/os” and then there are those that are weird but have managed to fit themselves into a little box. These are people that society defines as “normal” and successful. Theirs is a textbook example of passing. Life consists of the weirdos and then the weirdos in a box.


I want to dedicate this to all the weirdos out there, those who are different- all those people who dare to dream. Who dare to break out of society’s preconceptions. Who ignore their fears and reach beyond what is thought of as possible. Without you we wouldn’t be advancing, moving, creating, we wouldn’t be achieving. That resistance you feel, the lack of progress you see – that’s part of the process. Keep going anyway. Keep in mind that:
Initially, you think you are not having an impact. You might think, I am the only one out there but there are so many of us. Inclusively, that’s what every human being is: these unique “weird” individuals.
And so we created systems- we created definitions, categories, society and this whole “group” thing so that this condition of being human and constantly changing is more palatable and easier to take. But it is all artificial ways to cope with change and difference. We create the “other” category and, in turn, divorced our shadow side and anything that does not conform with what is “normal” is at times labeled “bad.”  So we created fake transition periods and artificial modes of achieving things because of our discomfort with being in the change, in the flux, being in the flow. That’s really where our power is…

Your ability to change and adapt- this is where your power lies. When you are not living in that truth- that’s where the anxiety comes up. There’s this friction between what your inner potential is (which is limitless) and your actions. That’s where the anxiety and depression kicks in when you are not aligned. When your hopes and expectations are not aligned with who you are and your potential.

You being unapologetic in living a life that is unique, that is all you- that gives others permission to be themselves and break out of their self/societal-imposed box.

You may not get trophies. You may never fit. Keep being Weird- we need you. All of human kind needs you. We may not say thank you. We may not acknowledge you. We may even at times stare but what we really mean to say is life is more colorful because you decided to shine and be brilliantly you. It’s going to take us a little time to catch up but for the time being hold the space for us.

Thank you, weirdos. You are me. I am you.


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