HOLIDAZE: holiday gift cleanse

For the past two years,  being FUNemployed has given me the gift of not participating in the consumerist aspect of the December holidaze. I have opted out of gift shopping/giving and it has been one of the single most liberating things in my life.

I am a recovering shopaholic so not shopping is a huge deal for me. Over my 1.5+ years of being FUNemployed, I have learned to drastically curb my spending and I no longer get the adrenaline rush or kick from shopping as I used to. Being freed from the expectations that the holidays bring is something to behold. Having missed out on the frenzied shopping has been such a blessing. I no longer get hives at the thought of Black Friday. There is no anxiety tied to my celebration.

No longer do I find myself mindlessly wandering from one store to another in a zombie-like stupor. I don’t have to fret about getting anyone anything or going over budget. I don’t have to mortgage my future in order to meet expectations.

If you think about it, there is nothing you can buy in a store that will bring you peace. It’s all about the hole we can’t fill- that god sized hole in our hearts that make us feel empty (Bridget Trama). No thing and no one can fill it.
I’m grateful to have the gift of perspective. Simply because the world is involved in this endless frenetic consumerist search does not mean you have to get swept away with it- participating in the madness is optional. Getting  carried away with the insanity is not necessary. No matter what happens you don’t have to always participate.

I’d rather have the experiences and the people. You can keep the gifts. As you prepare to celebrate with family, think of all the things that cannot be bought or replicated that truly make up the holiday spirit. The things I am most grateful for can’t be put on lay-a-way, you won’t be able to go into debt for, aren’t meant to be gift wrapped and can’t be found under the tree come December 24/25th. You cannot buy the holiday cheer or that warm fuzzy feeling of being at peace and spiritually fulfilled.

It’s most definitely a cleanse worth going on- lose the guilt and keep some money in your pocket for the 2016.

Have you ever pondered going on a Holiday Gift Cleanse? What would that look like for you? Would it upset your family and would you cave into the pressure? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy HOLIDAZE!!!!

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