4’7" Dominican Girl Overcomes The Odds Cracks The Secret To A Happy Life

Whether tall, short, smart, differently abled, quirky, weird or normal… as long as you are breathing- YOU HAVE SO MUCH POWER.

Within you, is the secret to limitless happiness.

Happiness is not about the external. As a human being, I hope that only good things happen to me and my flawed belief may lead me to think that happiness lies only in the good.

What we fail to realize is that we are resilient beings who are able to not only bounce back from seemingly “bad” events but are also programmed to transmute all experiences and use them for growth and transformation. The greatest lessons and happiness can come from those traumatic life altering events.

These events recalibrate our happiness threshold. They not only crack us open but they expose us to a new situation that we may have never encountered otherwise.

This in turn, cranks up our creativity to be able to adapt to this new situation, expand our beliefs and create a whole “new normal.” Once healed, we are able to experience a nuanced and depth of happiness that may not have been available to us before.

You don’t have to jump out of a plane, journey to the other side of the earth, move cross-country, compete in an endurance competition, find a guru, quit your job, fall madly deeply in love, get lost in a book or change your current circumstances in any way.

There is nothing to chase after or achieve.

Tweetable: “Happiness is right under your nose- it is within you. To experience it, you must adjust your perspective.” @MaryYourSoul #MaryYourSoul

I was talking with a dear friend of mine. She revealed that she had read my blog and really liked it.


She admitted that she thought I was a bit crazy moving away. Here I was forfeiting a two bedroom/two bathroom dream of an apartment smack dab in the heart of Manhattan and, to boot, with washer and dryer in the kitchen.
Are these the “end goals of happiness?” Not as I understand them.
Happiness is nothing that can be given, taken away from you or that must be earned. Happiness is what you were created to be- it is your birthright.
Being able to experience life in this body- that is happiness. Happiness is being alive period.
This body that is able to smell, feel emotions/feelings, express joy and sympathy. It’s the point at which we are able to experience ourselves and being in this universe.

You have to love what you have. Love what is already in front of you in this very moment. Don’t look to the future and don’t bring your past into the present.

This my friends is the secret. Figuring out how to be here right now and to love every second of it.

You’ve had it all along. It was within. You crack the code by figuring out how to love every bit of your self.

All you have to do is embark on your own personalized journey that leads right back to you.

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