You Have Permission: Start NOW

I sometimes sit in lack of action. I stop and pause myself from creating from that place of my true life’s purpose.

Underneath it all is the feeling of not feeling quite enough. This “not quite enough”-ness are truly emotions of not feeling worthy.

Why is it that I (and I am assuming that you, yourself, may feel this as well- on account of being human and all) feel and act from this place of insecurity? I continuously forget that I am one with God and a part of the most beautiful fabric of the universal plan/play/project.


I read a couple of articles last week that struck me in just the right way. They were hand delivered pieces of encouragement from above to give me a nudge in the right direction.

On account of my birthday on March 3rd- I wanted to give myself and you the present of a blog post.

I want to share the following for those who feel stuck, are ready to quit or don’t feel like they should ____ (fill in the blank):

I see all the wonderful people around me who are “doing it” and I am so happy and in awe to be in their presence. Your drive feeds me.
It allows me to dream a little bigger.  “It’s like: permission to aspire; permission granted.” (Jimmy Smits)
Just having the desire means that you should embark on the journey towards your dream. It’s already been achieved. By definition if you don’t already have it- it’s on its way.
I perfectly fit into my life and the task that I was sent to this earth to complete. There is nothing about my life that is a mistake or is “extra/not really necessary.” Every single step  that comprises the fabric of my life has brought me to this moment perfectly. (via Chani Nicholas)
I was once asked how a Hispanic female who grew up in the Washington Heights/Inwood section of Manhattan- how does she get into this Spiritual stuff?
My response: Not without a lot of self doubt and sabotage on my part.
First she must overcome herself. At 4 foot 7, with curly hair, a weird way of speaking, who has a penchant for conveying her thoughts- there is not much out there that she tends to identify with.
Your vision is of the future and of an awesome present moment. Most people do not know of what you speak of- it’s a foreign language.
Don’t expect your direct friends or family to morally support or give you advice.
I heard this amazing quote about listening to constructive criticism from others. It’s quite dangerous as they usually haven’t constructed anything.
These are not your tribe. They are not the ones to compare yourself with.
Look ahead. Who has done or built what you would hope to achieve? Don’t sell yourself short.
You are in this world to bring forth something unique. You were given a soul-mission to grow our consciousness and help in the evolution of humanity.
This is no small task. Now is not the time to play small.
You must unleash your creativity and super powers into this world forgetting fear and casting self-consciousness by the wayside.

“They tell us there’s room for only one of us. It’s a lie, Effie. You’re going to get to the top and see that there’s room for all of us.’”(Effie Brown)

There’s enough room for all of us to do what our heart desires.
There is a 4 foot seven, curly haired, hispanic, pink and purple loving, weird as fuck hole out there in the world waiting to be filled. It has my name on it.
I provide the Mary Flavor and you will bring your own sazón!
“There is nothing to fix. Each one of us is made to fit our lives. Precisely. The measurements are exact. The tailoring is to a tee. The height. The width. The depth. It’s perfect. We need not ever struggle to fit into the fabric of ourselves.
We are all complex, paradoxical, flawed. As we fumble, topple and blunder our way out of the messy cocoon of unconsciousness (an ever-evolving, never-ceasing emergence), we do so perfectly also.
But we worry that we are wrong.” Chani Nicholas
Doubt fills me. What the heck am I doing? What is my end goal? Why am I on this path? I could just as easily just put it all away and go back into Corporate America.
Admit defeat and just go back with my tail between my legs but this is not about me. It’s not about my bank account.
It’s not about the hard and difficult times I have faced. It’s not about whether I can afford to put food on the table or not. The Universe is calling on me to be happy and grateful with what’s currently in front of me.
Instead of simply searching for the next prescriptive change (new love, new work, more money etc. ) that will solve all my problems. It’s about surrendering and just giving myself permission to shine.
I wanted to speak out about this topic to bring encouragement- I wanted to tell you from the sidelines- that you are doing a fucking awesome job! I love that you are creating in the world. Making this a better place. Don’t give up.
When you get the naysayers on your posts- please don’t listen. Or what’s worse- when you experience a wall of silence (accented by the chirping of the crickets in the background) do not pack your bags and head home.
I need you to stay. I need you to face your fears and keep doing it so that I can do it too.
I love that you are so brave. Whether that takes the form of suiting up every morning and going into a 9 to 5 or if you are creating within your own business.
You break out into the unknown. You give me permission to shine bright. I especially love when you extend your hand and beacons me to come along- I can do it too.
That’s your job. That’s my job. As we are greeted and welcomed by those that have come before us. We must welcome and help those that are coming after us.
We are all one in the rhythmic dance of awakening into consciousness. You must not fear.

You can do it. We need you. The flavor and difference you bring is unique and all your own.

It’s ok to feel kind of lost – trust me, I live there. Not knowing is the place where you can create from. You can start living out the how’s and all the questions.

I just wanted to send out a big hug to whoever felt called to read this. I want you to be surrounded by love and know that you are supported. I love you and thank you for having the balls to take courageous action towards your dreams.

I see you beautiful Soul and I am grateful.


 Did you see the heart in the clouds above?


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