Ocean View: God Has a Sense of Humor


I currently live in a part of town that has grit.

The type of place that you may take for granted. It’s that diamond in the rough.

Full of Mexican and South American people who know what it means to hustle. They love hard and work even harder.

I was walking my dog the other day and I noticed that I lived around the corner from 2222 Ocean View.

Here I was living in what could be considered a rough around the edges part of California but I still had an ocean view.

God has an awesome sense of humor.

I had questioned why I had managed to land in perhaps one of the few neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles that is most like New York City.

I had never had large groups of people over and had never had housewarming party. I had never stopped to celebrate what an accomplishment it was to move cross-country.

It’s funny that I was looking forward to hosting open houses because I loved the idea of having people over and showing them around.

Except for my college years, my entire life I had lived in New York City.  During that time, I had never lived in any borough but Manhattan. I’m moving once again.


Here I am back at it again: MANHATTAN BEACH is the next layover.

God is good. All you need is to think yourself worthy of the blessings he is waiting to shower on you and realize that you were blessed all along.

One of the apartment hunters told me that he loved this part of town- it had grit. That word struck me in a certain way. I loved it. GRIT.

I went to look it up and realized that it was also defined as “strength of mind or spirit: Unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”

And in that moment I understood why I had ended up in this part of town. I moved in with 11 luggages and not having any family in all of California.

 I figured out the transportation system- always arriving early to all gatherings no matter how far-flung. I was surrounded by awesome new friends and weekly activities.

I had found my way in Los Angeles. But even more impressive, I had made myself at home.

That was the whole purpose of me living here. God was reminding me that I had grit. 

We all do. We just need to remember who we are, always.

Unyielding. Courageous. Strong.

I was living here so that I could fall in love with that aspect of myself all over again.

Stop looking for that Ocean View outside. You’ve had it all along.

It’s already within waiting to be discovered. The full human experience.


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