Do you not know who I am? Y.O.L.O.

here comes trouble…

I have been missing.

…Says the crazy person as she squints at the computer screen refusing to put on her glasses.
I’m a little rusty. How does this go? What part is this again?
blah blah blah blah distractions distract….


You dont give a shhhh about where I’ve been or what’s happened. Life simply became busy with being busy and ceased being FUN. I am just here to say that I want to distract you.
So here we go again – against my will and yet with my full participation…
I put together a little list of things I would like to achieve (during summer but ASAP really). It’s on the short side – If you would like to help me out with suggestions or would like to accompany me on my adventures – let me know in the comment section or if you have my number – drop me a text. I am trying to stick to Legal activities as I don’t have bail money. [Though I do have my high school teacher’s phone number who promised to pick up if we call from the clinker… Mr. Murphy].

Come out and PLAY with me!

Tattoo – take 2
Throw yourself out of a plane (again)
Get Permit in CA
Try Edibles weedish kind – record? def write while trying
Go hiking with myself
Take dogs to pool
Book a vacation
Yes and… (just say yest to all things always)
Join Gym
Go to Gym weekly
at least 2x a week (I’m a crafty shifty motherf*cker…)
Go out dancing
Have a drink at a bar
Meet someone in a hotel bar
The magic castle
Hollywood Bowl
Comedy Store
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Visit Salvation Mountain
Jump off a cliff into water
Go to San Diego on the Train…
Melrose Flea
Lucha Vavoom Burlesque Show
Eat at Animal and Sushi Fumi
Visit Fe – go to country club thing
Learn to dance on The Poll
Aerial Yoga
Art / Paint – a big huge piece on canvas
Take driving lessons
Boob Pics – crossed that one off the list! haha
Get into trouble
Blog about it all…


Fuck it- let’s go!
Whatever else should I do?

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